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Dan here. I cannot even explain how awesome this alternative spring break trip is. The students in the elementary school we are at are always excited when we arrive and will start screaming. The students remember our names and always want us to do something with them. From personal experience, two students always come up to me when we enter and ask me to play soccer with them, while another two students (same two everyday) argue over who is going to use my camera and take photos (it’s a joy trying to track them down every morning to get my camera back). Update on the mural: we got a lot of work done and the final project will be posted tomorrow.

However my favorite part of today had to be the soccer games we got to play with the scholars. All of the scholars were extremely intense and competitive, but everyone had fun and really enjoyed themselves. None of us are use to playing in the heat down here, we were sweating as soon as we stepped onto the field. We all joked about how fun the ride back home would be with all of us in the van.


I cannot wait to see what we will experience the rest of the week. One more work day and then our day off on Friday!