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Today, Chase, Meredith, Taylor, Ashley and I spent the morning preparing goodie bags for the GMHC’s Wellness Day tomorrow. In celebration of National Nutrition Month, the GMHC is holding a conference for their clients. They’ll have acupuncture, yoga, stress management and cooking classes as well as a nutritious breakfast and lunch! The head nutritionist came in a told us how excited the clients are for tomorrow. We put together gift bags with a t-shirt, some body lotion and shampoo, and a granola bar.

The second half of the day was spent putting together safe sex kits. The two women leading the group covered a ton of new sex terms that are hip with the youth nowadays with only ones rule: we were in a judgement-free and could not yuck someone’s yum. The kits consisted of two female and male condoms, a dental dam, and flavored lube.