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Today our day started around 8am with the tour of the Capitol building. The intern from Senator Ron Johnson’s office took us to the building and gave us passes so we could also see the House of Representatives and the Senate. We got to sit in the Senate and listen in for about half an hour. Sadly there was little Hong on and the few Senators we did see in there were not doing much. After we left the Capitol building some of us went to the Library of Congress and got to see some amazing books such as the first printed Bible. Our last stop was the Supreme Court. We were all so excited that we actually got to go in and see where it all happens. We were in there for about 30 minutes and got a mini lesson on how the court operates.

Around 2pm we made is back to the Father McKenna Center and got ready to prepare and serve the Peace Meal around 5pm. Many of us cooked and served the food until about 7pm. We served well over a hundred men, women, and children who are able to come for the meal every Wednesday. Here are some pictures of Chelsie and Nicole getting the food ready. Chelsie made the mashed potatoes and Nicole packed some trail mix into bags.



After dinner we spent some time with the now familiar faces that are at the shelter. Before bed we also had a reflection meeting where many said today was a hard day because we saw so many people at the shelter among which were children. Nonetheless, we felt like we made a difference no matter how small.

Until tomorrow,