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Today was my first day at the Gay Men’s Health Club (GMHC) and it was absolutely wonderful. The GMHC is the leading provider of HIV and AIDS care, prevention and advocacy. The only criteria for being a member of the club was to be HIV or AIDS positive. We served lunch to the clients and after the first rush came through, I looked out at some at the tables and started to tear up. I was so moved to be in an environment that was know that was accepting and safe environment for on our lunch break, we sat and chatted with some of the clients. Jenny and I sat next to a man that shared some facts with us about how HIV is spread and some of the misconceptions that he actually had when he first learned that he contracted it. He told us he would only kissed his girlfriend on the cheek because he thought she could contract it. The thing he stressed the most to us was to only have protected sex.

After volutnteering, we headed to the 9/11 memorial. There are two fountain memorials in where the towers were, one on the north side and one on the south. Both had ledges above the fountain with the names of those who died inscribed into it.




The skyscraper in the pictures is the new Trade Center that is being built.