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We had an amazing panel discussion on the education system in Honduras, the educational opportunities of the youth, and how these issues are being addressed. We then went back to the school to continue to work on the mural, and see the second group of schoolchildren. The school we are working at is one of the only public schools that accept and teach children with special needs. When we arrived, several children were signing to each other and Matt from our group, had a conversation with them.


After finishing the middle of the mural, and starting on the people and outlining, we returned to the hotel to get ready for dinner at the home of OYE’s intern. We ate a traditional Honduran meal of baleadas (homemade flour tortilla, bean sauce, cheese, eggs and chorizo, hot dogs). We ended the night with fruit salad and a game of ninja! We’re excited to work on the mural again tomorrow! ¡Buenos noches!