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Today with God’s Love We Deliver (GLWD) Chase, Taylor, Meredith, Ashley, and I delivered meals to clients of GLWD in the Bronx, and throughout all of Manhattan. Each of us was with a different driver and delivered the meals to their doorsteps. Many of the clients I delivered to we’re of different socioeconomic statuses. Some lived in skyscraper apartments while others lived in very rundown public housing. On my last delivery for the day, I saw a sign by the elevator sharing info that the mayor and the city had decided to remove the low income housing to make room for some skyscrapers. It was called for a building wide meeting to come together as a community in order to save their homes. I find it heartbreaking that hundreds of people will probably be displaced from their homes in order for the city to build high-end apartments or just another skyscraper. They are gentrifying the neighborhoods. This is a very common reality in many big cities and too many times, it’s ignored. It really bothered me because our clients are home bound, unable to make food and many of their neighbors were elderly or were young families. They’d be displacing the most vulnerable people. The same people that we as a society should take care of.

For our late night shenanigans, we took the subway to see Radio City and climb to the top of the Rockefeller building and plaza. The top was absolutely breathtaking. There are no other words to describe the view of the whole city at night.