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It’s 98 degrees and we’re not complaining! Our first day in El Progreso has been successful. After breakfast consisting of cereal and bananas we left our hotel and were warmly greeted at the OYE building by a group of friendly members. The members shared a video and their stories of what empowers them in OYE followed by some awesome ice breakers.

One highlighting ice breaker consisted of a scavenger hunt throughout the entire city! We were all running through El Progreso capturing the city at heart and emerging ourselves in the culture. Thankfully, each group had one Spanish speaker in them who knew the city and who could help us with the language barrier- otherwise we’d all be lost!

After meeting the OYE crew and participating in some ice breakers, we exchanged our money, went to eat lunch back at the hotel, and began work at our first site.

For our first task, we’ll be painting a mural on an elementary school. The members of OYE designed the mural and will be leading us through the project. It will be exciting to see the project progress and interact with school children attending the school throughout the week. Now, it’s time to get our hands dirty and spread some paint!