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That is the first thing everyone at God’s Love We Deliver asked us after they found out we were from Wisconsin. After reminiscing about their children’s bibs, most made a joke about a beer, brats, and of course cheese. Meredith, Courtney, Tiffany, Carly and I started the day with a short video about the history of the organization and how they serve the people. Once again, God’s Love We Deliver makes individually tailored nutritious meals for people who are too sick or unable to cook for themselves. It all started with one woman taking food to a man living with AIDS. The organization gets about 8000 volunteers annually and has never turned a person away or put them on a waiting list. All the services are provided for free and they also provide meals to their clients children and/or caregivers.

We were given hairnets and taken down to the amazing kitchen. all the staff and regular volunteers welcomed us with big smiles. We swapped stories as we prepared veggies, fish, and rice.





Our after dinner agenda was debriefing and sharing our highs/lows of the day as well as our hopes for tomorrow. The group that went to the Gay Mens Health Club led an informational session about HIV and AIDS and progress the GMHC has made in the last 30 years.
The last mission of the night was to find sweet treats. Chase had his first taste of bubble tea, Kung Fu bubble milk to be exact, Courtney got some Red Date tea and everyone else indulged in some Italian gelato!