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After an eventful St. Patrick’s day, it’s bed time in New Orleans. We have to be out the door at 5:45am tomorrow for orientation at the St. Bernard Project office at 6:15. Because I’m super tired, here is a quick recap of our day after we ate lunch at Krystal Burger on Bourbon Street:


We saw break dancers called the Dragon Masters in the French Quarter! The picture below shows a guy right before he did a flip over those people!


Taylor and Ellie went to the Louisiana State Museum and learned all about Hurricane Katrina. It was cool and a great reminder of why we are on this trip. See picture below.


All the sightseeing made us hungry again. So we ate dinner at Huck Finn:


Finally, before heading back to the Annunciation Mission, we got to witness the St. Patrick’s Day parade. It was crazy and we got many beads and souvenirs!



Phew! What a day! We are all excited to start volunteering tomorrow! Goodnight and talk to you tomorrow! Sweet dreams from New Orleans!