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Our group has had an extremely adventures day but the highlight was most defiantly our visit to the Holocaust Memorial Museum. We got up extra early so we could get in line to get our tickets and were able to enter the exhibit by 10:30 am. We spent about two and a half hours inside exploring and reading the stories of the Holocaust victims. It was an emotional experience for many of us. Below is a picture of one of the rooms inside of the exhibit that featured four walls with hundreds of pictures.


After we got done at the Holocaust Museum everyone headed to the Smithsonian Castle and we ate lunch there. After lunch we split into groups and everyone headed to different surrounding Smithsonian museums. My group went to the Natural History Museum, and the American Art Museum. The other groups went to the White House, Art and Space Museum and the African Art Museum. Below is a picture in front of the Natural History Museum.

After hours of exploring we all met up again and headed to Union Station Shops in hopes of finding a McDonalds and getting some shamrock shakes. Once we finally found one they sadly told us they were out. So that is when we headed home. Now Max, Jess, Crystal and Ashley are getting ready to make tacos for dinner and after we will have out nightly reflections before going to bed.

Until tomorrow,