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Support Scholarships

Scholarship contributions are an investment in the future–by supporting Titans in their pursuit of higher learning, you provide a leg up for our students. More than 70 percent of UWO students need financial support–and your gift could make the difference in whether or not a student can attend UW Oshkosh.

Your gift to support an existing scholarship, or to establish a new scholarship, will give a student the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and achieve their career goals.

Download our Scholarship Brochure for more information.

Establish a Scholarship

Types of Scholarship Funds

Endowed Scholarships

An endowed scholarship fund ensures students will benefit from a donor’s generosity for generations to come. The principal of an endowed fund is conserved perpetually, with only the earnings used to fund awards, providing a lasting legacy for donors. The Foundation Board of Directors annually reviews the recommended spending level for endowed funds.

Endowed funds held at the UW Oshkosh Foundation are assessed an annual administrative fee of 2.5 percent and require a minimum contribution of $25,000. Donors may take up to four years to reach minimum endowment levels.


Non-Endowed Scholarships

A non-endowed scholarship can be funded through an annual contribution or with a one-time contribution that is spent down over time. The entire balance of a non-endowed fund is available to award and when the fund is depleted, the award is discontinued.

Non-endowed funds are assessed an annual administrative fee of 1.0 percent. To establish a non-endowed scholarship fund, a minimum annual award amount of $500 is required and the donor is expected to fund an annual award for at least three years.

Determining Award Criteria

Advancement staff will work with you to develop your scholarship criteria. Donors may elect to define specific award requirements, however, it is important that the criteria are not so narrow that it is difficult to find applicants who qualify. Due to NCAA Division III regulations, athletic leadership, ability, participation, or performance cannot be considered in the awarding of scholarships.

Once the award criteria have been finalized, the donor and the Foundation will sign off on a fund agreement that documents the administration of the scholarship fund. Once the fund has been established, the administration of the fund may only be changed with the donor’s approval and at the Foundation’s request.

Selection Process

Scholarships are typically awarded in late fall for currently enrolled students and early spring for incoming students. University-wide or college-based committees select the scholarship recipients. Due to IRS regulations, donor participation in selection is not advised.

Establishing a Scholarship through an Estate Gift

Individuals who establish an endowed or non-endowed scholarship through an estate gift to the Foundation are advised to work with Advancement staff to establish scholarship criteria in advance. This will ensure that the funds are able to be used according to the donor’s wishes.

If you would like more information about establishing a scholarship, please contact us at (920) 424-2178 or