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becoming head coach nine years ago, I have built the program by recruiting talented players that want to play for a championship. I am proud of the way our players prepare for the season and how they compete against the best competition in the country.

When speaking with our players about ways to improve our program, inevitably, conversations always resort back to the amount of time they spend preparing the field.

The 2022 spring was one of the worst springs I have experienced as a player or coach in the fifteen years I have been associated with Wisconsin baseball. We worked countless hours on to remove water, snow and ice to play games at our home facility. 

The experience from this past spring has led me to ask for your help in enhancing the baseball experience of future Titans.

The installation of an artificial surface and new lighting to Tiedemann Field would result in one of the best playing surfaces in the state and put UW-Oshkosh in the upper echelon of Wisconsin baseball collegiate facilities.

With the new upgrades, our field can now become a true community field. It will open doors not only for our program but the entire Oshkosh baseball community!

Thank you for your continued support!


Kevin Tomasiewicz
Head Baseball Coach


Tiedemann Field is a natural surface built on a former landfill with numerous low spots that hold rainwater.

Frost poses another issue as it must rise through the ground and evaporate before we can host any contests. The natural thawing process usually takes two to three weeks.

The right field warning track is butted up to the edge of the river reservoir.

With the natural pitch of the field, water runoff flows over the warning track and washes away material from the track under the fence into Campbell Creek and the Fox River.

Over the past few years, there has been significant deterioration behind the right field fence.


  • Enhance the experience for Titan baseball players
  • Provide additional space for spring practices
  • Offer space for intramural baseball opportunities
  • Generate revenue with a rentable facility for high school and college baseball games
  • Decrease the need for costly travel to play games in March
  • Provide the players a stable and level surface to compete on


“It would mean everything to me to be able to get a turf baseball field because I think it will put the team in the best position to succeed. Injury risk will not be as much of a worry with the elimination of divots and uneven surfaces. I think it would enhance the quality of play from our team throughout the year.”