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Dr. James Krueger, Associate Professor of Political Science
Office: Sage Hall 4621
Phone: (920) 424-0924
Dr. Charles Hill, Associate Vice Chancellor Curricular Affairs and Student Academic Achievement
Office: Dempsey Hall 335
Phone: (920) 424-3190

Criteria and Requirements for Applicants


Applications are no longer being accepted for 2017. We are working on some positive changes.  2018’s Creating a Stronger Community Contest will be new and improved.  Please check back for next year’s application.  Thank you.


Purpose: To generate excitement and action around community-building projects in Oshkosh via a contest through which the person or group responsible for the idea is awarded a cash grant and momentum to implement the idea.

Eligibility: Any individual, existing organization, or new group from the greater Oshkosh community (UW Oshkosh students, faculty or staff, Oshkosh area nonprofit organizations, volunteer agencies or groups, Oshkosh community members, etc.) with an idea about how to improve local quality of life and build community.

Application Process: Applicants will electronically submit their material on this page. Submissions need contain the following elements:   

   Contact Information  Budget

  • Financial Need (funding needed for full project implementation) and Additional Potential Sources of Funding
  • Explanation of Proposed Use of Funds (specify how CSCC funds would be used)

   Project Category 

  • Sustainability
  • Community-building (bringing different types/groups of people together)
  • Justice
  • Volunteerism
  • Increasing civic/political awareness
  • Social Entrepreneurship (using entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and manage a venture to achieve social change)

   Narrative (no more than 2 single-spaced pages providing an explanation of the following elements)

  • Opportunity or Issue Being Addressed
  • Relevance to Campus and/or greater Oshkosh Community (City of Oshkosh and immediate surrounding area)
  • Plan for Action
  • Intended Results
  • Engagement of Campus and/or greater Oshkosh Community Members in the Project


  • Innovation (demonstrates creative ideas and new approaches)
  • Relevance and Impact (directed toward an issue of importance to the campus and/or greater Oshkosh community and has potential to address it)
  • Feasibility (will lead to concrete action within one year)
  • Engagement (involves a significant level of engagement by people from UWO and/or the greater Oshkosh community)
  • Congruence (is consistent with the purpose of the contest)

Application Screening: A subcommittee comprised of representatives of ADP and other sponsors will review the applications. They will score each application based upon the above criteria, giving extra weight to Innovation. A sub-set of applications with the highest scores will move on to the CSCC Finals Event TBD.

Events: All entrants will have multiple opportunities to display their project plans. The entire campus/Oshkosh community is invited to these events, which will provide valuable networking opportunities for all participants. At the CSCC Finals Event, the finalists will compete for the cash (to date, all first-place winners have been awarded a minimum of $1,500 in seed money), which will help fund their project, making a five-minute pitch as well as displaying any posters or other supporting information they have created. Attendees will be encouraged to make a minimum contribution ($5 for students, $10 for non-students) to the award pool and those who contribute will be able to vote for the winner. You should encourage your supporters to come to the Finals Event to show support and to vote for your project.

Accountability: The winners will be required to submit a brief progress report six months after the award that will be sent via email to all sponsors and voters. It will explain:

  • How the grant money has been spent
  • How many and what groups of people have actually been involved in implementing the project, the amount of time and type of activities
  • What concrete milestones have been achieved
  • Plans for the remainder of the project period

Winners are also expected to give a presentation about the results of their project at the following year’s event in addition to a final report. The final report should include the same criteria as the six month progress report.