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College isn’t just about

What you do.

It’s about

who you become.


Imagine a university that not only prepares you for a job, but also equips you to find and achieve your purpose in life. A university where you truly experience, either online or in person, what it means to have a student-centered approach to education. That place is UW Oshkosh, and we are thrilled to invite you to join the Titan family.

Student Success is At the Heart of All We Do.

As a UW Oshkosh Titan, you will choose from nearly 250 majors, minors, emphases and certificates to build a degree that speaks to your goals and prepares you to achieve. In every program, you’ll find ways to put new knowledge into action and make the connection between classes and careers.

From classroom to career, we're here for you.

Your time at UWO will be character-building, mind expanding and life-changing— but it also will build the skills you need to land the career of your dreams. To make sure you’re ready for what comes next, UWO offers career advisors who specialize in specific industries and academic programs.

See for yourself what a Titan can do.


More than




emphases &




NCAA Championships


Million in Financial Aid Offered

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