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Hello perspective students! My name is Heather, and I am a senior student from Rockford, Illinois. Being an out of state student, getting acclimated to campus was a worry for me. I didn’t know anyone coming into UW Oshkosh. At first, I was hesitant to explore. However, before classes started, my roommate and I went around campus finding where our classrooms would be for the first week. This is simple, but it made me more confident going into my first day. 

Something a professor told my class the first week was to “make Oshkosh home.” She said it would make the transition into college much easier. At first, I didn’t understand this idea. I had a home, and it was 2 ½ hours away in Illinois. For me, home started in my residence hall room and floor. I made my very typical residence hall room my own by putting up decorations and rearranging it to fit my needs. I found I did not enjoy lofting my bed. I put up string lights and pictures as well. Somehow, just the simple decorations from home helped make me feel more comfortable. I also began to get to know the people living on my floor. Some of my neighbors would knock on doors to see who was going to dinner and when. We would get a whole group to go to dinner together, which helped me meet and make new friends. Knowing the people I lived around also gave the residence halls a homey feel. 

When it comes to campus and the city of Oshkosh, the more I explored, the more at home I felt. I found there was an amazing farmer’s market on Saturday mornings during the fall and spring. There was always great food and energy at these events. Additionally, I found some amazing coffee shops in the downtown area that I loved to study at or meet up with friends. I found a couple of sand volleyball courts around town to play pickup volleyball with friends. Some of the people on my floor introduced me to the Marcus Theater in Oshkosh that had reclining comfy chairs. I had never had such a nice movie going experience! As a sports fan, following the Oshkosh G League NBA team the Herd and the Titan Athletics’ events also helped to make Oshkosh feel like home. 

Being in my fourth year, I truly consider Oshkosh my second home. I love the city and everything it has to offer. Getting the chance to explore the different things around town while also getting to know the campus better can help just as much as simply personalizing and decorating your room. I really encourage students to get to know more about what Oshkosh has to offer, both on and off campus!