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UW Oshkosh is well known as a transfer-friendly university, and we have one of the largest transfer populations in the UW System. Because we work with so many students who are interested in transferring to UWO, we’ve assembled the 26.2 tips for applying to UWO as a transfer student.

    1. Start with the online application at It doesn’t matter where you transfer from, there is no fee to apply to UW Oshkosh. Once you create your log in, the application will automatically save as you go through it. You can start, stop and revisit at your convenience.
    2. Send transcripts from every college or post-secondary institution you have attended. The only exception is if the institution is not accredited, but you can check with if you’re not sure.
    3. If you have fewer than 30 transferable credits, send us your high school transcript as well. We need it to see two complete years of your academic record.
    4. When you are admitted, confirm your spot right away. When you are admitted, you will receive official communication from the University. There is no deposit required to save your spot, but it’s important that you confirm right away so you can get started on important next steps!
    5. Read all emails and communication from the University. No seriously… read your emails word-for-word, then ask questions about what you don’t understand. This will help you stay on track and not miss critical details.
    6. Pay special attention to the email with post-admission steps. This is one of the most important emails you will receive as a new student. You need to follow the steps carefully to make sure you have everything covered. You’ve been admitted and you’ve committed to UWO, so the sprint is over, but now the marathon begins!
    7. Sign up for placement tests if you need to. The majority of transfer students do not need a placement test, but if you have not completed a transferable college level course in math or English composition, you must take a placement test. If you are unsure whether or not you are required to take a placement test, contact or (920) 424-3164.
    8. Schedule your appointment with academic advising. This step is a big one! After you confirm your spot, you’ll get an email with next steps within approximately one business day. The third step in that email contains a link to request an advising appointment. This is the only way you can schedule an appointment. If you lose this email, contact the Admissions Office and we can resend it.
    9. Research housing requirements. If you have fewer than 48 transferable credits, you are required to live in a residential hall unless you plan to commute. If you plan to commute, you need to complete a commuter card. You are exempt from this policy if you are a single parent, veteran, over the age of 21 by the first day of classes, married or lived on another campus for four semesters. Contact Residence Life if you have questions.
    10. Make sure you apply for housing as soon as possible after you are admitted. Students are able to select their residence hall and room based on when their housing application was submitted, so apply for housing once you’ve decided to attend UWO!
    11. Purchase a parking permit if you need one. If you’re going to commute or hope to grab one of the resident parking spots, visit the UWO Parking Services website for more information on your permit options.
    12. Attend Titan Takeoff, your orientation program. An email will be sent to the account listed on your application, as well as your UWO email account, inviting you to Transfer Titan Takeoff, our orientation program for new transfer students. Register as soon as possible to select a date that works with your schedule. This event will be half a day, with both a morning and afternoon session available. Attending orientation is mandatory for all new transfer students in order to meet other new transfer students, connect with student resources, and ensure you are prepared for the first day of classes.
    13. It’s okay to bring your parents or guardians along for support, but don’t let them do your work. At the transfer level, we expect students to be taking ownership of their education. You should be the one calling and emailing, not your mom!
    14. You “hafta FAFSA!” Financial Aid does not transfer from your previous institution. Apply for Financial Aid by completing the FAFSA and listing UWO as an institution where you plan to attend on your application. Then feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions.
    15. Familiarize yourself with additional admissions requirements for certain majors. Admission to UWO does not guarantee admission to your intended major. Some programs, including nursing, business and education have additional admission requirements.
    16. Look into The Honors College at UWO. Transfer students can join our honors program if they meet the eligibility requirements. You can find more information on The Honors College website.
    17. Do some research on free UWO tutoring services! All students have access to free tutors for any class. Studies show transfer students can sometimes see a dip in their grades the first term at their new school, so make sure you ask for help if you need it! It’s a great idea to check get familiar with the Center of Academic Resources.
    18. Find a student organization to join and get involved on campus. Reeve Union offers a variety of ways to get involved on campus. Not only will it help you feel more connected to UWO, it’ll look great on your resume!
    19. Send us a final transcript if you had classes in progress at the time you were admitted. We can’t finalize your admission until we receive final grades for all classes you have completed.
    20. Remember that your academic adviser won’t be assigned until you request an advising appointment. Sometimes new transfer students don’t request an appointment because they don’t know who their adviser is. This is why numbers 1 and 9 in this list are so important!
    21. See if a study abroad opportunity could fit into your future plans. Studying abroad is an opportunity you only get in college, so check out the options we have through the Office of International Education. Not only is it a once-in-a-lifetime-experience, but in today’s job market, employers are looking for people with global experiences.
    22. Be proactive with your wellness and mental health by looking into the UWO therapy dog and Counseling Center. Check out our Counseling Center website to learn about services and opportunities to improve and maintain good mental health.
    23. If you are a veteran, be sure to check in with our Veteran Resource Center. The VRC staff can explain your benefits and walk you through the process of using those benefits at UWO. They can also explain the additional campus resources available to veteran students.
    24. Log into Handshake to start looking for on-campus jobs! If you don’t see anything right away, don’t worry. Jobs get posted all the time. If you are awarded Work Study as part of your financial aid package, don’t let that money go to waste!
    25. If something doesn’t look right on your transfer credit evaluation, contact your current adviser. You’ll be able to see this evaluation within two weeks of your admission. Sometimes your adviser can ask for a course to be re-evaluated, so check in with them if you think a course should count for a certain requirement.
    26. Get Social! A lot of departments and organizations have social media accounts where they share important updates and fun photos and news. Check out our social media directory to connect with your future department!

(Bonus) 26.2 Go back to step 6, and read that email again… just to make sure you’re ready for your first term as a Titan!

So there is my list of things you should know as a transfer student! There are obviously going to be new things that pop up, or situations that will be unique to your own experience, so please— if you aren’t sure or want to double-check anything— email us or call! That’s what we’re here for. Good luck, and go Titans!