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By: Liz Soto-Verduzco

Have you ever wondered what you can do on a campus? Well, one of the easiest ways to stay connected is through different online communications, such as applications, that you can download on your devices. Having apps that are easily accessed through your phone allows you to have the ability to stay connected.

Here at UW Oshkosh, there are apps geared toward our students on campus so that they can lead a healthy and successful journey. On top of that, there are apps that are must haves for college students that can help too. I’ll be listing a few of my favorite apps that I use almost daily to stay on top of things on campus.



First things first, what’s to eat? Grubhub is a service connected to all our dining options here on campus. Whether you want a burrito bowl from Chilaca or a buffalo chicken wrap from Blackhawk, you will always be able to skip the line when you place your orders ahead of time. This is also a solution to getting food quickly and in a safe socially distant way. 

UWO Mobile 

The UWO Mobile App is another must. This app offers services running between all our campuses and gives updates on what is happening on campus. It also has safety features available for students to use such as a virtual safety walk and contact with the UWO police. These services can be used for instances when you are walking home from parking, but also serves for emergencies when needed. 

UWO Student Rec

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center also has an app. There are various features that include but are not limited to classes you can sign up for to workout, different programs available such as massage therapy and personal training, and information on sports and organizations to be a part of. They also supply updates on what resources are offered seasonally for students to take part in such as ski and snowboarding, canoeing and biking or even roller skating. 


When it comes to classes, it’s helpful to have the Canvas app on your phone in case you need to work on your classes on the go. It also offers you a daily schedule tab to see what tasks you need to get done and when they are due. In addition, you can check grades, tune in to class and see what assignments you have all in the palm of your hand. 

Microsoft Outlook 

Along with Canvas, Microsoft Outlook is essential as a student! Your Titan email can be accessed anywhere via the Outlook app. You can send emails, check your calendar and even access meetings all from this one app.



Outside of the UW-Oshkosh campus, there are fun apps to be on the lookout for that can help with getting around outside of school. These include local businesses and shopping markets. There are various opportunities for students to save money by presenting their student ID or using their student email to receive discounts. 

I hope you were able to find useful insights in hearing more about these applications. These apps have helped me in my journey through campus and life as a college student. These apps could do the same for you.