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By: Olivia Lemke

Hey everyone! My name is Olivia Lemke and I am a junior here at UWO. I am majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. I hope you all are hanging in there during these crazy times. Being a college student in a pandemic myself, I definitely understand the new challenges we are facing. Now that I’ve had about eight months of experience, I have a better idea of how to cope with these added obstacles. So, I’d like to share some of these tips with you! Many of my suggestions could apply to a high school student, too!




Always have something to look forward to.

I know that many students are familiar with feeling that every day is repeating itself, which is totally understandable. Especially since many of us don’t get out as much as we used to. But don’t let yourself get too desensitized. Having something to look forward to releases you from that cycle and makes life just a little more exciting. For me personally, I am currently looking forward to winter break. In regards to short term, though, I love to set times during the week when I will video chat with my friends. Or, I find it so important to make time for myself and relax, such as watching Netflix/Youtube or doing something artsy. Find what makes you happy and schedule them into your week!

Build a small, trusted social circle.

Isolation is not ideal for us social creatures. So, if you are able, please do yourself a favor and have a few family members and friends that you can trust. Have open conversations with them about what you are comfortable with and communicate always what your social habits have been. As a result, you can still have a social life! It may not be an ideal situation right now, but we all still deserve some moral support. Even if it’s just one person.

Make sure you’re getting outside of your dorm/home!

At this point, I’m sure we are all pretty used to staying in one spot because that’s where we feel the most safe and comfortable. Speaking from personal experience, though, I know staying cooped up in my dorm room all day doesn’t make my mood the best. So make sure you get outside to feel the sun hit your face. Even if it’s just a walk across campus for some lunch. Or, if you’re comfortable, go to a new location to study. There are plenty of spots in Reeve Union to social distance while getting some homework done if you are here in Oshkosh. I know my workflow is better when I’m outside of my dorm/home! Besides that, I recommend going for a drive if you have access to transportation. It can be quite refreshing.

Finally, don’t hesitate to ask for help!

Even though everything is tele-health right now, the Counseling Center at UWO is doing a really great job of accommodating for the majority of their services they normally offer, if not more. Especially now, everybody deserves to talk to someone, especially us college students. COVID-19 is still impacting students in many ways, and we are still adjusting. Counselors can help us work through those adjustments! Whether it’s general mental health problems, relationship issues, worries over COVID-19, or academic struggles, the resource is there for you. Like I said before, the Counseling Center has much more available than individual counseling. Here is a link to their website: Feel free to browse through all of the tabs in the gray bar to explore their services.


One phrase that would basically summarize all of the above tips would be to take care of yourself. It is more important now than ever. You are doing amazing, look how many months you’ve made it already! Keep pushing yourself and find joy every day in this new normal…it’s 100 percent possible. And of course, stay safe and healthy. I believe in you! We can get through this together.