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By: Oliver Giersch

Are you on your way to UW-Oshkosh without a major in mind? No need to stress. Nearly 30% of new first year students arrive at UWO without a major in mind. Now, while I am telling you to not stress over this decision, I know that it can take a great deal of time and hard work when you are making a decision as important as this. Here is a quick walk-through of some great ways to help yourself find the right path!

Check the list of Undergraduate Majors at UWO 

All of the undergraduate options avaliable to you are listed on the Majors, Minors and More page. A good idea would be to print out this PDF version and start by crossing out the names of the programs you are not interested in pursuing. If you do not know what a major is by the name of it, don’t cross it off! Do some research based on the title of the major, and who knows… maybe it could be a good choice for you to pursue!

Explore the Undergraduate Bulletin

Use the UW Oshkosh Bulletins website to navigate through some of the classes for any given major. This could give you a great outlook on if you would enjoy your time learning these concepts based off of the in-depth course descriptions that are available. If you don’t like the sound of a class description in this area, maybe it wouldn’t be the best idea for you, so you can cross that off! 

Talk with faculty

If there is anybody that can give you an “inside scoop” on a major or its classes, it would be the faculty that have studied and taught the very subject in question! Faculty are usually pretty busy during their semesters, but you can use this directory list to reach out to plenty of options for each new major!

Talk with students 

There is a reason these students chose this particular major. Find out what it is! What do they enjoy about the major?  What are they hoping to do in the future after graduation? Get the insider’s view of a potential major from your peers.

Take a class that explores different majors and careers

Here on campus, we have a course that is literally titled Academic and Career Exploration. This is a one credit course, and it will teach you all about the process of self-exploration and career planning. You can find it on Titan Web under the “Counseling-Professional” subject area with the catalog number 201.


Lastly, take a scroll through all of the options on the Oshkosh advising website under the “How to Choose a Major” page. It includes all of the previous steps, as well as a few more to help you jump-start your process here!