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By: Rachel Navis

Hey Future Titans! I am here to talk about one of my favorite topics: food! Lucky for you, I am a native of Oshkosh and I am going to share with you some of the best places to eat around Oshkosh.

I have some amazing recommendations for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even something sweet to finish off. So stay tuned and bring your appetite!

Pilora’s Cafe

This is my all time favorite breakfast/ lunch place in Oshkosh. It is located on Main Street, and is my go to when I want to get some breakfast with friends or family. They are open for breakfast through lunch, and have a truly decadent menu. My favorite thing to get is the cornbread pancakes. It sounds a little weird, but they are so good! You can also get Door County cherries in them, which makes them even better. I get these every time I go to Pilora’s. They also have great coffee, breakfast, and lunch selections that are delicious. So, the next time you and your friends want to go off campus and treat yourselves to breakfast, I highly recommend Pilora’s.

Ruby Owl

My two go-to’s are their wings and grilled cheese. I love me some quality wings, and Ruby Owl does not disappoint. Wednesdays are wing nights, where you can enjoy 30 cent wings! Their grilled cheese is another favorite of mine. You can spruce it up by adding ham, bacon, avocados, and more! So if you’re feeling like trying something new, stop on over to Ruby Owl and check it out!


I may be a bit biased in this choice because of my travels to Ireland when I studied abroad, but I promise you that Dublin’s serves up some high quality irish cuisine. Whether it’s fish and chips or traditional irish stew and soda bread, the food is rich and flavorful and will fill you right up. This is a favorite of my family, we are frequent visitors! Everytime I go I am brought back to Ireland, so go and check it out and experience the irish experience for yourself!

Tamara’s Cupcakes

Lastly I’m finishing up with dessert! The best place to cure your sweet tooth is Tamara’s Cupcakes. Tamara’s makes the best cupcakes ever, they are so delicious. They have hundreds of flavors, and they have between 13-40 flavors each day! They also have other sweet treats like cookies, macaroons, brownies, dessert bars, and more. Tamara’s never disappoints, their cupcakes are truly divine. My two favorites are red velvet and lick the bowl (chocolate cake with a cookie dough center and topped with chocolate buttercream frosting, cookie dough, and brownie). Doesn’t that sound amazing?



If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably pretty hungry. So, go check out some of these awesome restaurants to cure your hunger! Go ahead and click on any of the headings to be directed to their website and get a quick ‘taste’ of their menu.