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by Dulce Lopez

Hello again, this is Dulce Lopez coming to you with some helpful tips when looking for a university. When I graduated from my two year college I did a lot of research on four year universities. As a first generation student I was unsure of what my first step should be. I am sure a lot of students feel uncertain and overwhelmed, but before you start your searching process you should consider the pros and cons of moving far away from home.


In my experience, I knew I wanted to find a school not too far where I would have to buy a plane ticket to come home for the holidays, nor too close so that my parents would stop by every weekend. It was important for me to live in the residence halls so I could completely immerse myself in the college experience. After countless campus visits I knew the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh was my new home away from home. It was two and a half hours away from my hometown which was the perfect distance for me!

Moving to a new state gave me so much excitement, it was a new experience with new individuals and new opportunities. A tip for all students is to make time and visit each campus you are interested in. Walking around UWO gave me an insight if it was the right fit for me, having a first-hand experience is completely different from a virtual college campus visit. When it came down to moving day I had butterflies in my stomach. I was amazed that I had come such a long way. It was a new chapter in my life and I was filled with joy and sadness at the same time. It was so hard for me to say goodbye to my parents and I tried to hold in my tears, but that last hug felt so different. The tears that my parents and sisters shared were filled with happiness. I knew they were proud and I knew they were a phone call away.


My biggest tip for all students is to not go home during the first two weeks of the semester. It builds the anticipation to see your family and friends. It will be hard adjusting to a new environment, but it’ll be worth it at the end. Make the best out of your college experience, be courageous and diversify yourself to new cultures and new people.