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Hello! My name is Theodore “Teddy” Clementi, and I am a freshman at UW Oshkosh. I am originally from the Milwaukee, WI area and graduated from Kaukauna High School. Out of the various schools I applied to during my time in High School, UW Oshkosh was and continues to be the best option for the following reasons.

1. Close Knit Campus with Enough Space to be Independent

The UW-Oshkosh campus is 166 acres made up of residence halls, educational buildings, sports complexes, and buildings designed to meet every student’s needs. Everything on campus is within walking distance, which is ideal for students looking to live on campus without a vehicle. My freshman year I decided to live in a residence hall and did not bring a vehicle from home. I utilized the campus resources, such as UWOGO and free city bus passes, in order to get around Oshkosh. The UWO campus population is medium-sized compared to the other UW system schools. Every day on campus I meet new people and make new connections, but I also see familiar faces just as often. I believe this is a happy medium for those who want a larger school.

2. Campus Resources for Students

I decided to tour UW Oshkosh my senior year of high school. While on the tour I saw that there was a building on campus called the “Student Health Center”. I then learned that every student is able to receive free, or reduced, medical care on campus. The UWO campus also has an on campus bank “UW Credit Union” located in Reeve Memorial Union which is located directly in the middle of campus. Lastly, UWO offers free counseling for every student located in the Counseling Center, right on campus. These are just three of the many campus resources offered at UW Oshkosh.

3. LGBTQ+ Inclusivity and Acceptance 

Coming out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community can be very difficult for a college student. So, it is important that the University that they attend is accepting and inclusive. I, myself, am a transgender man. I was very nervous about attending a university in Wisconsin which is predominantly conservative. However after attending UW Oshkosh I am proud to say that it is a very inclusive campus not only with the resources provided to LGBTQ+ students, but also from the staff and students of UWO. For those students who would like a more inclusive on campus living space, there is a LGBTQ+ inclusive floor where students of any sexuality or gender are able to live in a discreet and accepting environment with people who may be able to relate to them. I lived on the LGBTQ+ inclusive floor and found it to be extremely helpful with my transition from high school to college. There are also various campus resources for LGBTQ+ students such as the LGBTQ+ Resource Center located on campus in the Campus Center for Equity and Diversity, as well as the Women’s Center.

4. Large list of Majors and Minors to Choose from

I started my freshman year at UWO undecided. I had no idea which direction I wanted to go with my education and I have found that a lot of first year students feel the same. However, after just one semester at UWO I was able to declare a major and minor because of the many clubs/organizations on campus as well as the large list of classes to choose from in order to meet General Education requirements. It seems as though there is a club/organization for every major and minor on campus. So, if a student finds themself interested in a certain topic then they have every resource necessary to learn more right on campus.

5. Greek Life offered at UWO

Fraternities and Sororities, often referred to collectively as Greek Life, have been a staple of the college experience for decades. There are four colonized Sororities and six colonized Fraternities at UWO. Walking into college, I never thought that I would join a Fraternity, but my perspective was completely changed after meeting the Greek Life officials here at UWO. Members of Greek Life are always spotted volunteering within the community. Although there is a social aspect of Greek Life, Sorority and Fraternity members are required to keep up with their school work and do all that is necessary to grow as a student. Lastly, Greek Life members gain a massive amount of leadership experience while involved within their Fraternity or Sorority. When it comes to Greek Life a student truly gets out what they put in and it has become a huge part of my life to become involved on campus with the help of my fraternity.

UW Oshkosh has opened the doors to so many opportunities for myself and the other 10,000 students attending. The previous five points have helped me grow and transition from high school to college in the best possible way. Finding your perfect college can be extremely stressful and nerve-wracking but finding the resources you need and the most supportive people to surround yourself with are key, luckily that place for me is UW Oshkosh.