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Moving from home to a college campus can be a huge transition for a student. This is the time during a student’s life where they truly learn how to be an adult and live on their own. My name is Theodore “Teddy” Clementi and I am a freshman at UW Oshkosh. Here are a few tips from myself, a UWO student, about moving onto campus for the first time.

Take Every Opportunity to Make Friends

There are so many different ways to make friends at UWO for incoming freshmen, such as joining the “UWO Class of…” Facebook page. This page is designed to connect students before college and is a great way to meet people that are entering UWO at the same time as you. Join a group chat, comment on someone’s post, add others on social media. Meeting people before you move to UWO’s campus can make the first fews days amazing. Making connections and opening your circle to new friends can maximize your time at UWO.

Explore all of the places to eat on campus

Blackhawk Commons is the standard place to eat during the weekdays for students, but there are also other various places to eat on campus that can maximize your dining experience at UWO. Reeve Memorial Union is a staple on campus. It is one of the main places that students go for events, to shop, and anything in between. Reeve Memorial Union has food options such as the Sub Stand, Pizza Hut & Wing Street, Chilaca, and Clash Burger. Each of these options are available to all meal plans on the weekends and to premium meal plans on the weekdays. Within Reeve Memorial Union there is also the Reeve Coffee House and my personal favorite, The Titan Underground. There are all of these options right on campus and slightly off campus there are options such as Polito’s Pizza, Toppers, Insomnia Cookies, and Erberts & Gerberts which do not accept meal swipes, but are all fairly affordable.

Get Involved!

One of the best decisions I made when moving onto the UWO campus was attending “Taste of Oshkosh”. This is an event held at Reeve Memorial Union every semester where each club and organization has a table for the UWO students to learn more and find their interests. This is where I was matched up with the various clubs and organizations I am very involved with on campus. Joining a club or organization can open the doors to many leadership opportunities and can connect students with people that share the same interests and values. These clubs and organizations can also be great resume-builders for when a student is looking for a career after college.

Prepare for the Wisconsin Weather

When I first moved into my dorm the weather was sunny and clear. For the first few weeks the weather is fairly sunny, but as we all know fall turns Wisconsin into a colorful, yet cold season. Soon after fall, the winter snow also finds a home at UWO. Make sure that you prepare for the weather especially when walking around campus. Pack an umbrella, boots, gloves, a winter coat and anything else you may need to stay warm walking to class. Checking your weather app before leaving for your day can make a huge difference.

Use Your Resources

I could have never imagined the amount of resources I could receive until I became a UW Oshkosh student. UW Oshkosh students have every tool they need to succeed, but it is a matter of using these tools to their advantage that sets these students apart. From the Counseling Center, to the Student Health Center, to Project Success. The amount of resources on the UWO campus is growing each year and using your resources can make a huge difference on your GPA, physical health, and mental health. Find out more about campus resources at the following link:

Use these tips to your advantage, get to know the people around you, learn about the food options on campus, prepare for the weather, use your resources and get involved! Moving to a university can be scary, but don’t worry! Your transition from high school to college can be a time where you absolutely flourish. After all, they do say that “College is the best four years of your life”.