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Have you been admitted to UW Oshkosh? If so, congratulations! (If not, what are you waiting for?? Click here to start your application!) Once you have been admitted, you’ll receive an email at the address listed on your application with instructions on how to submit your $100 tuition deposit. This deposit is not an extra fee, it’s a credit towards your first semester’s tuition, but why submit it now? Read on for a few great benefits to taking care of this deposit right away.


1. The First Mark On Your Titan Checklist

By depositing, you are taking the first step into becoming an official student here on campus. Once you deposit, you can begin the process of selecting housing, a roommate, choosing a date for your Titan Takeoff advisement and registration day, and so much more. Plus, checking the deposit off your to-do list will mean less stress during the holidays! Wondering what other tasks you’ll have ahead of you? Check out this handy admitted student checklist.


2. Secure Your Spot

By depositing, you’re saying that you intend to become a Titan! And while the deposit can be refunded (if written request is postmarked by May 1), being a deposited admit means you have a spot reserved in the new class of UW Oshkosh Titans!


3. Access The Online Housing Portal  

The $100 tuition deposit will also grant you access to the online housing portal to apply for housing and dining plans. Steps needed to access the housing portal will be included in the Titan email account mailing mentioned previously.

Once you’re in the housing portal, you can take the next step of thinking about which residence hall you would like to live in, and finding an awesome roommate! Housing selection is a first-come-first-serve process that begins in February, so the sooner you deposit, the sooner it will be your turn to choose!


4. Priority Access to Titan Takeoff

If you pay your deposit before February 1, you will get to choose your Titan Takeoff registration date sooner than students who don’t. On your Titan Takeoff date, you will get to come to campus, experience life as a Titan, and pick your first semester classes! By making it to an earlier Advisement & Registration date, more classes that spark your interests will be available to choose from!


5. It Makes Everything Seem Real

Once you pay that $100 deposit, it will all start to feel real. Getting that acceptance letter in the mail was a great feeling. Paying this deposit will take that a step further and you will really start to feel like a Titan.


6. It’s The Best Topic of Conversation This Holiday Season

What better thing to tell your closest family members this holiday season than that you’ve been accepted into your dream university, and you are already beginning the process of becoming a student there! Everyone will beam with pride and joy, and will look forward to hearing everything that you have done to begin this next chapter of your life. Way better than being asked why you’re still single, right?!


Moral of the story; don’t sleep on the deposit! If you have any questions on this important next step in the admissions process, please contact the UWO Admissions office at (920) 424-3164 or at and we’d be happy to help. Additionally, if the payment poses a financial hardship to you, please let us know about that too!

You have a lot to gain by being a deposited admit, so don’t wait. You’ll be one step closer to being a student here at UW Oshkosh!