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While we’re looking forward to having you here as a UW Oshkosh Titan in the fall of 2017, we also can’t help but look back at some of the amazing things that happened in 2016! It’s true — Titans had an outstanding year. Here are a few highlights of the awesome events, updates and more that happened this year from the Titan community.

1. Our UW Oshkosh football team advanced to the NCAA Division III championship for the first time in school history! #HailTitans #AllIn

2. The student life center of campus, Reeve Memorial Union, embarked upon an impressive set of renovations — including a new student involvement center and “front door” to the University!

3. Fletcher Hall also started in on a transformation of its own. This iconic residence hall will reopen in fall 2017 with completely refinished facilities, new room layouts, more bathrooms (!!!) and will be open to all students!


4. The list of new goes on with No. 4 on our list: the Rec Plex! This domed, turfed, heated, indoor playing field was officially approved and construction will start in 2017. Even though construction didn’t start yet, the approval alone is worth making our list. We can’t wait!

5. OK. OK. One more new building item. Clow! Clow Social Science Center reopened its doors in February, revealing a brand new College of Nursing space, cafe and classrooms and lecture halls. It is a gorgeous facility.

6. On the academic front, we accomplished a lot too! Our Honors Program took a step up and is now an Honors College. This added prestige is great for students who take advantage of the Honors classes, benefits and professor contact. 

7. The UWO College of Nursing had a great year too. In addition to celebrating its 50th anniversary, one of its alumna was presented a lifetime achievement awardgraduates from the program continue to have an exceptionally strong pass rate on the NCLEX exam (~97% first-time pass rate!!) and the program now boasts the first doctoral-level nurse anesthetist program in Wisconsin!

8. Someone took the time to construct a Lego replica of Polk Library. And it is pretty fantastic. Check it out! Another UWO-inspired art piece was created as well, out of ceramics!



9. UWO has made quite an impact with its sustainability projects, earning the 2016 EPEAT Sustainability Purchasing Award. Over the lifetime of these renewable products, UWO has saved enough electricity to power 14 homes for an entire year! In addition, a Green Fund has been created to fund students sustainability ideas and develop them.

If you want to read about more awesome highlights from campus, both from this year and in the future, check out our campus news website, UW Oshkosh Today! This website publishes articles year-round about all the ways that Titans are leaders, researchers and champions.

Just want some quick highlights? Check out these articles!

  1. Students partake in semester-long shoreline restoration project
  2. $355,000 National Science Foundation grant is catalyst to boost UWO’s chemistry program
  3. UW Oshkosh Economics professors electronic textbook saves big bucks for students
  4. UWO Geology professor receives Regents Teaching Excellence Award
  5. UW Oshkosh professor Vince Filak wins national advising award for the Advance-Titan newspaper
  6. UW Oshkosh Chancellor receives Hero Award for racial literacy efforts
  7. Geology department deceives a $10 million software grant
  8. The Men’s Club Volleyball team won their sixth national title
  9. The Bayeux Tapestry was displayed on campus

Have any items to add to this list? We’d love to hear! Comment your favorite parts of 2016 below.