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By Ebisa

Hoodies, pumpkin spice lattes, leaves falling… yes, you guessed it— I’m talking about fall! Fall, in my opinion, is by far the best time of the year. This season brings beauty everywhere, especially our wonderful campus!

Since you aren’t here quite yet and might not be able to see these places for yourself, I want to share 10 scenic spots on campus that you will want to check out next autumn!

1. Oviatt House: The Oviatt House is located on Algoma Boulevard right next to Dempsey Hall, and this beautiful house looks amazing during the fall with all the trees and their vibrant colors surrounding the historic building.


2. Buckstaff Planetarium: The Buckstaff Planetarium is a prime location for fall scenery. It’s located in the main quad where all the leaves from the surrounding trees fall around the Planetarium, making it a popular place to sit, study, and take some fall pictures.


3. Third Floor Reeve Balcony: If you want to see the whole campus and all of its fall beauty, the third floor balcony in Reeve will give you just that. The balcony is actually a great spot year round.


4. The Element Sculpture: Located in the heart of the main quad, close to Buckstaff Planetarium, this sculpture has the symbols for 109 elements arranged in order of their abundance on Earth. The fall colors make the sculpture pop out even more!


5. Multicultural Education Center (MEC): The MEC is found right next to Taylor Hall. This building looks even better during the fall. A huge tree stands in front of the MEC shedding its radiant leaves everywhere, and it looks amazing.


6. Path from Arts and Communication Building (A&C) to Reeve: This isn’t a building, per say, but this path makes walking to class an adventure. The fallen leaves seem to make a path of red, orange, yellow for you to walk on. There are a lot of fall flowers planted in the middle, which are beautiful as well.


7. Horizon Village: Horizon is picture perfect during the fall. The huge field located right in front of the residence hall is covered with colorful trees.


8. Student Recreation and Wellness Center (REC): Located right on the Fox River, you can enjoy fall colors as you walk to the REC, or along the path that runs by the river.


9. Dempsey Hall: Home sweet home! This historic building looks amazing during the fall time. With its eye catching gothic design, Dempsey Hall is certainly a scenic fall location on campus.


10. Halsey: Halsey Science Center is also located in the main quad, and just like everything that is located there around this season, it’s very beautiful! There are a few tables for studying and several benches as well.


These are just a few of the many gorgeous areas on campus you’ll be able to enjoy during the fall. Each season on campus brings its own charm, so I’ll share some of my favorite winter spots as well.

If you have any favorite fall photos, comment them below!

Ebisa edit 2About Ebisa: Senior, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology. From Schaumburg, Illinois.