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By: Jon, Marshall, Ebisa, Abby, Matt (and pretty much all of the tour guides, because we love Pokemon Go!)

Calling all Pokémon trainers! The Pokémon Go craze has not missed UW Oshkosh, and all across campus there are all kinds of Pokémon waiting to be caught! Here in the Admissions Office, we love doing two things; showing you all around our campus on our tours, and catching Pokémon. We decided to combine our two favorite things, and the result is this PokéTour! So grab a friend, some Pokéballs, and join us as we take a walk through campus catching ’em all!

  1. John Deere Memorial Tree: This American linden and scarlet oak on each side were planted in memory of UWO groundskeeper John D. Strey.
  1. Reflections: A mosaic representation of how tree branches reflect in Polk’s windows. Richard Schneider and his son handcrafted each mosaic tile, so each one is unique!
  1. Polk Library: It’s more than books! Polk has a testing center, color printing, iPad and DSLR camera checkout, reservable study rooms, and much more.
  1. Student Success Center: Located here is the tutoring center, writing center, career services office, counseling center and undergraduate advising. These are free resources that we recommend you use during your time at UWO!
  1. Fletcher Hall: Fletcher Hall is a residence hall at UWO. Built in 1964, it has been a home for freshmen students for a long time. Renovations are underway to transform Fletcher Hall for future Titans!
  1. Campus Center for Equity and Diversity: Diversity and inclusion programs are designed to facilitate safe learning experiences for students. Their goal is to create a community environment that recognizes differences, respects uniqueness, and facilitates interaction, learning and appreciation.
  1. [GYM] Statue of President Lincoln: Lincoln Hall used to be Lincoln Elementary School. The artist also produced an exact replica of the bust, which is currently located at President Lincoln’s home at Hodgenville, Ill.
  1. Lincoln Hall: Named in honor of it’s former use as Lincoln Elementary School. The building was recently renovated and is now home to the UW Oshkosh Children’s Learning and Care Center and the Division of Lifelong Learning and Community Engagement (LLCE).
  1. High Avenue Parking Ramp: This is one of several places that you can park on campus. Students like that when they park on the second level during the winter they don’t need to scrape ice and snow off their cars! (Covered parking!!)
  1. [GYM] Rock Sculptures outside of SRWC: These rocks, which are actually a sculpture representing sailboats, are located right outside the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. There are benches located at each one so you do not have to stand during your gym battles. It’s a gym next to a gym! #multitasking
  1. Yin & Yang: This sculpture by the Fox River was created by Milt Gardener in honor of UWO professor Jacob Shapiro. (Fun fact: there is an elementary school in Oshkosh named Jacob Shapiro!)
  1. Nancy Kaufman Memorial Tree: Nancy Kaufman was Assistant Vice Chancellor for Graduate School and Research. She is now retired.
  1. Nature Park (Shapiro Park): On April 22, 1970, 20 million Americans celebrated the first ever Earth Day. This day was the idea of Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, but all of the event planning was left to Professor Jacob Shapiro. For his achievements, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh constructed a small park on campus grounds.
  1. UWO Business Solar Panels: Not only do they help you catch Pokémon, they catch sunlight and are a key part in keeping UW Oshkosh ranked No. 1 in Wisconsin and third in the nation for sustainability!
  1. The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (located at Clow): The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has a total of 10 academic buildings and 11 residence halls. UW Oshkosh is the third smallest campus in the UW system, but is also 3rd largest in student population. This PokeStop is specifically at Clow, which was recently renovated in spring 2016!
  1. Radford Hall: Home to the Student Health Center. Unfortunately, not a PokeCenter. Those don’t exist yet.
  1. Pollock Alumni House: Pollock Alumni House was built in 1920 for William E. Pollock, one of the early leaders of the Oshkosh B’Gosh clothing company. In 1943 Pollock donated his house to Oshkosh State Teachers College as a dormitory. In 1967 it became an adult and alumni center on campus.
  1. Oshkosh Post Office: Branch of USPS at Titan Central.
  1. Reeve Memorial Union Plaque: Installed on Earth Day in 2003. The trees planted were provided by SEAC, Reeve Memorial Union, Mitchell-Hewitt Fund of the UWO Foundation.
  1. Reeve Memorial Union: A popular student hangout space and hub of campus. Reeve is home to Titan Underground, the student involvement center, University Books & More, the Corner Convenience Store, Reeve Marketplace, a movie theatre, and many other cool spots. Students stop by to hang out, eat, study and purchase Titan apparel.
  1. Swimming Fish Mural: Located outside of Albee Hall. No meaning was given to the mural so that everyone can be inspired by it in their own way. We think it looks like Rapidash.
  1. Albee Hall and Pool: Albee Hall features classrooms, basketball courts, racquetball courts, and an Olympic-size swimming and diving pool! There are open swim hours that vary throughout the year. Watch out for Staryu and Goldeens!
  1. Dempsey Hall: Home to all of your administrative needs. admissions, financial aid, study abroad, much more! You may not be here often, but it’s still helpful to know where these places are. This is also where we are. (So it’s awesome!)
  1. Oviatt House: The Oviatt House was constructed in 1883 and after two different previous owners, the Oviatt House was officially obtained by the University in 1913 with plans to use it as the president’s residence. It was used for that purpose until 1990 when it became the headquarters of the UWO Foundation.
  1. [GYM] Swart Hall: Home of the math department. Many math classes take place here as well as math lab. The math lab offers students access to highly qualified graduate student tutors. Fun fact: during the 1960 elections, John F. Kennedy gave a speech in the Little Theatre in Swart Hall.
  1. Greg Olsen Memorial Tree: Professor Olsen taught Sociology for over 20 years. In his effort to expand research in his field, Olsen traveled to over 30 countries, interviewing more than 5,000 people!
  1. Robert John Wonders Memorial: Robert John Wonders was a professor of mathematics at UWO for 46 years, making him one of the longest-teaching professors in UWO history.
  1. Buckstaff Planetarium: Named for Ralph Buckstaff, who donated his observatory to UWO in 1959. In use by Astronomy classes, it is capable of showing the sky from any point on earth; past, present or future!
  1. Sculpture at Theatre Arts Center: Although Pokémon Go came out many years after the sculpture was made, it looks identical to a Pokéstop! (Must be time-traveling Titans.)
  1. Frederick March Sculpture of a Pillar: This sculpture of a pillar is in remembrance of Frederic March.
  1. Sculpture at UW Oshkosh: This sculpture was built to commemorate the Arts and Communications Center and the inspiration for the design came from the game of cricket.
  1. [GYM] Norman Frisch Memorial Bench: Frisch was a mathematics professor and served on the Board of Advisors at UWO. Also, this gym is conveniently located at a bench, so you can play and play for hours.
  1. Kevin Geitner Memorial Tree: Geitner was a former faculty member at UW Oshkosh and his family planted the tree in his honor.
  1. Arts and Communications Center: The A&C is home to all of your artsy facilities, such as the theatre department, art department, recording studios, radio station and TV station. It also usually gives out pretty good goodies on the PokeStop.
  1. Halsey Science Center: Halsey is home to most of the sciences offered here at Oshkosh. These include biology, chemistry, computer science, physics, and many others. It also has a 24/7 computer lab, which is perfect for all the studying you’ll do after playing Pokemon Go all day. (Just kidding! Who would play Pokemon Go all day? Right? … Right?)
  1. Harrington Hall: Built in 1912 and originally named the Industrial Education Building, Harrington Hall is part of the Oshkosh State Normal School Historic District. Harrington now house the geography department and even has dinosaur fossils inside! And no, we haven’t seen any Helix fossils in there. (Sorry, Omanyte!)
  1. [GYM] Periodic Table of Elements Sculpture: You can’t miss this sculpture, as it is located right in the middle of the quad. The sculpture is also the most competitive gym on campus! Think you can conquer the elements and become gym leader?
  1. Sundial Pedestal: If your phone battery dies… stop here to see what time it is. 😉 Fun Fact: The same artist who made this sundial, also made the Yin & Yang Statue (Stop #11)

Ready to come see all these great spots for yourself? Grab your phone, phone charger, spare phone battery and hop on over to campus! We would love to take you on a tour of all of our own favorite spots (residence hall, dining facility, etc.) too!

Sign up for your visit online at And make sure to print a full-size copy of our PokeMap for reference! See you soon!

PS: If you play the game, which I’m guessing you do since you’re reading this, what team are you on?! Comment below!