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Hello everyone! We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the housing application and residence life lately — so here is a basic overview of some of the most common questions.

If you have additional questions or other circumstances, please make sure to contact residence life directly! You can reach them at (920) 424-3212. 🙂

Basic Information

1. How do I sign up for housing?

Once you submit your $100 enrollment deposit, you’ll receive your NetID and get access to the housing application.

2. What is the housing application?

The housing application is where you will indicate your living preferences and also select your roommate. You can submit your application and log back in at any time prior to June with updates.

3. When should I submit my housing application?

You should submit your housing application as soon as possible. Freshmen are able to pick their exact room/hall when housing sign-up occurs in late June/July, and the date an time for EACH student will vary based upon the date you submitted your housing application. Students do NOT sign up at the same time. Every student receives a time slot to select their room.

So, if you submitted your housing application in September, you would be able to pick your room before someone who submitted their housing application in March.

Roommates are along for the ride — so whoever has the earliest registration date picks the room! (Make sure to confirm each other prior to June 5, 2016.)

4. Can I make changes to my housing application after I submit?

Yes, you can make changes prior to June.

5. How do I know what my sign-up date and time will be?

Residence Life will contact you with this information at your UWO email.


1. How do I find a roommate?

You can find a roommate by:

  • Using the housing application questionnaire and messaging compatible matches through the system.
  • Using your Class Facebook page (e.g. Class of 2020) to find roommates based on personal preferences.
  • Entering the student ID number / name of a student who you know or would like to room with.
  • Letting fate decide and selecting a random roommate!

2. How do I select a roommate?

You confirm/request roommates in the system. You must both confirm each other in order to be your roommate prior to June 5, 2016.

3. Can I change my roommate?

Yes, you can make roommate changes through June 5. After June 5, contact Residence Life to make changes. Please make sure to communicate with your roommate if this happens.

4. What if I have a different housing sign-up date from my roommate?

Whoever has the first sign-up date can sign into the portal and pick the room for both of you. The student with the later sign-up date can be placed in the room by the roommate who has the earlier sign-up date, but only if the two roommates have confirmed that they will be rooming together. You can confirm your roommate selections through the housing portal, which is the same website where you filled out your application. If you have not confirmed your roommate selection prior to June 5, the two roommates will need to try to choose at the same time so they can select the same room.

Other Questions

1. Is Fletcher Hall open next year (fall 2016)?

No, it will close following the spring 2016 semester and will not be available to students in fall 2016.

2. Where are the lofts from Fletcher going?

Evans and Stewart.

3. What halls have lofts included?

Evans, Stewart, Taylor and Horizon Village. You can rent lofts for the other buildings.

4. Can I live in Horizon Village as a freshman?

No, Horizon Village is only for sophomores and up. (Something to look forward to!!)

5. What halls are only for freshmen? (LIFE halls)

Webster (new for 2016), Evans, Stewart, and South Scott. South Gruenhagen houses a significant number of first year students and participates in the LIFE program.

6. Can I have a single room?

There may be very limited single rooms available, especially with Fletcher being closed. Please contact Residence Life for more information or if you have special circumstances.