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About the Division of Academic Support of Inclusive Excellence

The Division of Academic Support of Inclusive Excellence is here to help the University provide an embracing, welcoming, safe and supportive environment for everyone: students, faculty and staff and our community members.

At UW Oshkosh, differences are expected, acknowledged, celebrated and treated with dignity.

As a division, Academic Support of Inclusive Excellence provides academic and student support services to assist in the recruitment, enrollment, retention and graduation of multicultural (African American, American Indian, Asian/Hmong, Hispanic/Latino/a) and eligible first-generation, low-income students.

Through our PreCollege Programs, we also assist middle and high school students in their preparation for college.

The Division of Academic Support of Inclusive Excellence at UW Oshkosh offers cultural, educational, social and recreational activities, with specialized services to enhance students' academic and personal development to facilitate their adjustment to the campus environment. 

We offer an array of programs and services that include academic advising, multicultural advising/counseling, specialized tutoring, forums/seminars/workshops, mentoring, cultural programs/events and referral to other on/off campus departments and organizations.

We encourage all students to engage in and take advantage of our many programs and services.

Our offices:

The Division of Academic Support of Inclusive Excellence consists of six units:

In fulfilling the mission of the University, all of the units under ASIE are committed to providing educational opportunities for all students, especially racial and cultural groups including first-generation college students.

Our Staff

The staff members in ASIE are distinguished professionals with extensive experience working with diverse populations in higher education.

They understand the complexity of students' cross-cultural and academic experiences as it relates to diversity, equity and inclusivity. Thus, they provide a comprehensive and effective approach in addressing the needs of students to ensure retention and graduation.

View our staff directory.

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