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General Information

General Information

Student Contribution

Each student, as part of tuition, pays a certain amount of money called the segregated fee. The Segregated Fees Committee is responsible for funding the Titan Stadium, Radford Health Center, Reeve Memorial Union, and the Allocations Committee. It is important to remember that the Allocations Committee is allocating student money. The student organizations and department clubs that are funded should serve the students in the best possible way. These organizations MUST be run by students. That means students must be in charge of choosing their own adviser, scheduling events, planning activities, formulating their own budget, etc. The decisions that the Committee makes must therefore be in the best interests of the student body as a whole and appropriate to an institution of higher learning.


Funding Decisions

Priority for funding is given to organizations that have a mission that enhances the intellectual, cultural, and physical development of students as individuals and members of society. The overriding assumption is that higher learning is the focal point of all activity on campus. Segregated fees are NOT to be used for purposes that are exclusively academic in nature or for purposes that do not benefit the entire student body. Academically related activities fall into two broad categories:

1. Activities that are credit-producing
2. Activities that are not credit-producing


  •  When participants in an activity receive credit or when participation in an activity is required for the completion of a course, the activity should receive tangible support from the related department, school, or college. Direct funding, release time for faculty advisors, or use of equipment would be appropriate means of support. (See "Criteria for Funding with Segregated Fees," Section VII.)


Meeting Times

The Student Allocations Committee meets Monday afternoons at 1:30 PM in Reeve Memorial Union, Room 305 during the regular fourteen week semester. All Student Allocation Committee meetings are open meetings, feel free to attend. The Allocations Committee does not meet during the last week of class each semester. The Allocations Committee does not generally meet during interim, although a meeting is sometimes held during the spring interim to take care of last minute issues before the summer break. If a significant problem arises during the times when the Allocations

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