Music Submission Gudelines

WRST receives a massive amount of music averaging at least twenty cds a week for our three servicing CMJ charts. With that said, unsolicited CDs are not going to be accepted by WRST. If you are a local artist looking for airplay/promotion, please contact the Music Director before sending your record, or it will not be given airplay.

If you are looking to submit music...

1. Email to notify the Music Director of your submission. We will only accept physical CDs for airplay. No mp3s should be sent.

2. Give the Music Director a phone call at 920-424-0455 (no voice-mail)

WRST is completely willing to work with local artists for airplay and are willing to make on-air announcements for your local gigs. Please follow the guidelines and the Music department will help you out.

   -Phil Hoge, 90.3 WRST Music Director