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Student Organizations

Here you can find information about how you can work with the Women's Center by having us attend a meeting, perform a training workshop, or co-sponsor events. This section also houses information about the Women's Advocacy Council, The Sisterhood, and CARE student organizations. To learn more about what each of these organizations is doing please select the individual groups page.

How We Can Help You

Invite Us To Your Meeting

The Staff of the Women's Center would love to attend one of your organizations meeting to tell you a little bit about ourselves, what we do, what resources we provide, and how we can help you individually or as an organization.

$tart $mart Salary Negotiation Workshop

Learning how to effectively negotiate a salary is one way to combat the wage gap. Not sure what "wage gap" is? It's the oft-cited statistic that women make 77 cents to a man's dollar. But it's more complicated than that. Race, ethnicity, and gender are all a factor, with Hispanic women facing the largest pay gap.  

Utilizing resources from the WAGE Project and the AAUW, this workshop will provide students with the knowledge they need to feel confident in salary negotiations in order to combat the wage gap. Cosponsored by the Women’s Center, Diversity and Inclusion Programs, Office of Student Affairs, Career Services, and UW Credit Union.

Owning Your Skills: Gendered Language in Professional Communication

Have the Women's Center and Career Services over for a workshop about gendered language in the business world.  Are women effectively communicating their successes and accomplishments in their resumes and during interviews?  Bring your resume with you to this workshop and find out.

Cosponsored with Career Services

Select Reviews:

"I feel as though both presenters were incredibly knowledgeable about the topic and were able to combine provide an atmosphere that was a combination of lecture, discussion, and workshop to successfully help the attendees recognize their weaknesses and how to improve them to market themselves as effectively as possible."

"The workshop was amazing. I went in expecting, honestly, to be very bored but the presenters' energy was so good that I found myself participating more and more. The Women's Center tries to address the "unseen" obstacles, and I'm so glad they do. Nowhere else on campus is willing, or able to talk as eloquently on these topics. I couldn't have learned this information anywhere else."

"It was insightful and eye opening. The fact that they taught us how to recognize our skills and present them in a professional setting was very valuable. I like that I can recognize when I am underselling myself in general and be able to correct my thoughts and focus on my strengths rather than what I did wrong."

"I really loved the workshop. I appreciated that you both seemed to be very knowledgeable and really enthusiastic about the workshop. Your energy is contagious... Soon I was smiling and interacting even when I had expected not too."

 "I liked how the presenters shared their own stories of struggle and how they are working to eliminate gendered language which takes away from their awesomeness."

Co-Sponsorship Opportunities

Interesting in partnering with the Women's Center on a program or event.  Take a look at Elect Her and Walk a Mile.  We are always looking for new co-sponsors for these event.  For more information on co-sponsorship opportunities with the Women's Center please contact us.

Elect Her-Campus Women Win

Elect Her–Campus Women Win, a collaboration between AAUW and Running Start, encourages and trains college women to run for and win student government positions on their campuses.

 The 4.5-hour training covers skills such as how to mobilize a constituency, how to craft a message, and how to speak confidently and present oneself as a candidate. Outside experts and current and former student government officials speak to participants about their experiences and what they have learned from running for office. On many campuses, the training addresses the disparity between the high percentage of women in college and university student bodies and the low percentage of women in student government.

 Through Elect Her we want to provide more college women with leadership training, specifically the valuable experience of running for and serving on student government, because there is a clear connection between service in student government and future political service.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes (R) Oshkosh

Our third annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Oshkosh is scheduled for Wednesday, May 6th, 2015. The event will begin at 4.30pm in the Reeve Ballroom at UW Oshkosh.

A Chance to Take a Stand: No matter whose shoes you’re wearing, sexual violence affects everyone. Whether someone is wearing heels and a skirt or sweatpants and crocs, there’s no excuse for gendered violence. Join us for Walk a Mile®!

 A Chance to Give: Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services, Inc. and Reach Counseling provide many services to our community. While there's no cost to register this year, we are offering this opportunity to raise money for these two organizations (see below for details). You can also still donate via cash or check at the Women's Center or on the day of the Walk.  

Contact Us

The Women's Center at UW-Oshkosh is part of the Division of Academic Support of Inclusive Excellence, and is located within the Campus Center for Equity and Diversity.  Please us this contact information to get in touch with us to find out more about ways in which we can work together to create a stronger community.


M. Geneva Murray, Ph.D.

Program Assistant

Bryan Hulbert, M.S. 

Physical Address

UW-Oshkosh Women's Center
Campus Center for Equity and Diversity
717 W Irving Ave
Oshkosh, WI 54901

Mailing Address

UW-Oshkosh Women's Center
Campus Center for Equity and Diversity
800 Algoma Blvd
Oshkosh, WI 54901

Phone: (920) 424-0963

Fax: (920) 424-3083




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