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Male Allies

This section has been designed to respond to the many questions the staff of the Women's Center have been asked by community members, faculty/staff, and Students at UW Oshkosh. Male allies are a valued part of the feminist movement, and the fight for equality at UW Oshkosh and are welcome to participate with the Women's Center.


This is a brief list of books that deal specifically with masculinity, manhood, and male feminism. All of these books are available for check-out from the Women's Center Library. (Did you know we have over 2100 books?)

Books - Read More…


Want to be an ally? This page contains links to various resources about how to be a good ally.

Resources - Read More…

YouTube Videos with a Message

Here we will highlight various videos that have a message for male allies.

YouTube Videos with a Message - Read More…

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