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$tart$mart Salary Negotiation

Learning how to effectively negotiate a salary is one way to combat the wage gap. Not sure what "wage gap" is? It's the oft-cited statistic that women make 77 cents to a man's dollar. But it's more complicated than that. Race, ethnicity, and gender are all a factor, with Hispanic women facing the largest pay gap.

Utilizing resources from the WAGE Project and the AAUW, this workshop will provide students with the knowledge they need to feel confident in salary negotiations in order to combat the wage gap. Cosponsored by the Women’s Center, Diversity and Inclusion Programs, Office of Student Affairs, Career Services, and UW Credit Union.

$tart $mart Register here.

Join us for $tart$mart Salary Negation workshops this Spring: March 11th at 3:00pm in Reeve 215 or April 23rd at 4:00pm in Reeve 215. Registration is required to attend any workshop, and the audience will be capped at twenty participants.

Want to know more about the wage gap before attending? Read this article.

Want a workshop for your class? Contact us! We're happy to visit your class.

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