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Suffrage in Sawdust City

Do we work for equal rights state by state? Or force a national conversation? What can we learn from the suffrage movement about equal rights movements of today?

Suffrage in Sawdust City: Suffrage Performance

March 4th, 6pm-8pm

Reeve 307

Sponsors: Women’s Center, Oshkosh AAUW Branch, Office of Academic Affairs


Celebrate Women’s History Month and the centennial of the Oshkosh AAUW branch with this performance depicting a fictionalized debate about tactics between Wisconsin’s own suffragist Jessie Jack Hooper (portrayed by Dr. Helen Bannan) and the radical suffragist, jailed for protesting for the vote, Doris Stevens of the National Woman’s Party (portrayed by Dr. M. Geneva Murray).

What tactics are successful to gaining equal rights? Protesting a war time president? Local lobbying? National lobbying? Tea plates with ‘votes for women’ written on it? Pageantry?

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