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USP Instructor Guide

This page is designed to assist USP instructors with suggestions of how they can utilize the Women's Center to broaden their students' experiences through our programming whilst achieving the goal of investigating the USP signature questions.

This page is organized to assist USP instructors with an easy guide of how Women's Center events relate to Quest courses. At the top of the page, we have a basic listing of which events relate to which signature questions. You may also utilize this pdf (forthcoming) with event information and how it corresponds to the signature question, learning outcomes for the program, and possible discussion questions that you can use with your class after they've attended a Women's Center event. For events where we are not the speakers, we are only able to provide a guide for how the Women's Center staff believes the event will relate to Signature Questions.

How do people understand and engage in community life?

Civic Knowledge and Engagement entails understanding political and nonpolitical processes that influence a local, state, national or global community and applying skills and strategies that can affect the life of a community in positive ways.

Elect Her (February 15th)


Suffrage in Sawdust City: Suffrage Reenactment

(March 4th)

Living in Recovery: A Panel Discussion on Eating Disorders

(April 2nd)

Women's Advocacy Council brings you "Feminist Frequency: Anita Sarkeesian"

(April 7th)


How do people understand and bridge cultural differences?

Intercultural Knowledge is the understanding of one's own culture as well as cultures beyond one's own; the recognition of the cultural values and history, language, traditions, arts and social institutions of a group of people; the ability to negotiate and bridge cultural differences in ways that allow for broader perspectives to emerge; and the skills to investigate a wide range of world views, beliefs, practices and values.

They Call Me Q! Performance by Qurrat Ann Kadwani

(February 20th)

Feminist* Film Series: Silent Choices

(February 25th)

Feminist* Film Series: Miss You Can Do It!

(April 9th)

Global Google Hangout: Queer Femme

(April 22nd)

How do people understand and create a more sustainable world?

Knowledge of Sustainability and Its Applications is the ability to understand local and global earth systems; the qualities of ecological integrity and the means to restore and preserve it; and the interconnection of ecological integrity, social justice and economic well-being.

Our events in sustainability are most linked to social justice and economic well-being.

$tart $mart Salary Negotiation Workshop

(March 11th, April 23rd)

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes(R) Oshkosh (April 30th)


Rosie the Reader!

(March 8th)

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