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Teaching Help

USP instructor guides and alternatives for professors considering canceling class. Instead of canceling class, give the Women's Center a call or e-mail and have us present in your class. It's a wonderful opportunity for the Women's Center to speak with students, as well as for students to learn new ways to enhance their academic and career development!

What Can the Women's Center Do For You?

Don't Cancel Class - Contact Us Instead!

Women's Center staff can offer a variety of alternatives to cancelling your class, including a shortened version of our $tart $mart Salary Negotiation Workshop (or full version for three hour classes), our Owning Your Skills Workshop, or a film and discussion associated with our mission. Additionally, the Women's Center Director is available for speaking on her areas of interest - eating disorders and body image, media literacy, as well as sport and roller derby. We are also working on a bystander intervention workshop focused on gender violence, which we will be happy to provide when ready.

Presentation on the Women's Center for your class

Women's Center staff is here to talk to your students about the many opportunities for engagement with the Women's Center. From our events, to our tea cabinet, we are here to support students interested in gender equity. We'll talk to your students about how the Women's Center will serve them through their time at UW Oshkosh - as well as when they are alum.

Quest Instructor Guides

Teaching a quest course and want to know what events are appropriate to send your students to? We are here to help you! A number of our events every term are linked to the signature questions within USP. We have created a Teaching Guide for Women's Center Events 2014-2015 to help you identify events that are pertinent to your course.

Instructor Guides - Departmental Ties

Want to send your students to campus events for additional learning opportunities? Our Teaching Guide for Women's Center Events 2014-2015 is still helpful to you! We will be marking each event with information about which departments may find it especially pertinent - so check back for updates! Have additional questions? Contact us!

Educational Videos

Whenever we can, we record our Global Google Hangout panels and post them on our website. Feel free to use these videos in your classes. Just let your students know where you got them!

Support System

We want to help you personally and professional. We are happy to often be the chosen location for Women's and Gender Studies Brown Bags, and to also offer a Women's Empowerment Support Group for female-identified faculty and staff at UW Oshkosh. Check our semester schedule in programs and events for up to date information.

Students Facing Graduation Panic

We strongly encourage graduating students to attend two of our key programs - Owning Your Skills and $tart $mart Salary Negotiation workshops. Additionally, we occasionally offer a Gearing Up for Graduation series, which has included programs on financial planning and moving from your local area. Call us for updates.

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