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Women's Center In the News: 2017-2018

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UW-Oshkosh Talks Sexual Assault with Education about the Red Zone

"UW-Oshkosh says to challenge the victim-blaming mentality, it focuses on the thought process of the offender during the Red Zone and throughout the year."

Red Zone Group Brings Awareness of Sexual Assault

Advance-Titan, September 21

“As a college student, I feel with this program being actively introduced during the first six weeks of school makes me feel safer on campus. Some other campuses around the nation do not address this issue which makes me proud to be a UWO student because we are having students talk about this topic.” -Hannah Foley


Heels Hit the Streets to Stop Rape, Assault

Advance-Titan, May 4

“I challenge you to focus on the big reach, the message and the work to be done. And think about a very powerful ‘what if?’ What if we could change our culture so that it does not have to be this way? I particularly hope the men who have stepped up tonight know that once the mile is completed tonight we need to walk a million more. I say that to hold us accountable.” -Chancellor Andrew Leavitt

Lee Talks Gender, "It" Connotation

Advance-Titan, May 4

“To me, imagining the functionality of ‘it’ as a gender pronoun is a philosophical chase that doesn’t reach a finish line. The chase itself may be rewarding enough in forcing us to think about the physical limits of our bodies and how language might work with or against individual sexuality, race and gender to draw out the most comfortable alpine for those limits.” -Dr. Joon Lee

Alpha XI Delta Collects Donations for Autism Speaks

Advance-Titan, April 27 

“I personally enjoyed hearing about the passion each contestant held for making their community more inclusive." -Women's Center Director, Dr. Johnson

UWO to Raise Sexual Assault Awareness with #RAPEISNOTAJOKE

Advance-Titan, April 27

"The event consisted of multiple speakers and activities touching on the subject of rape in social media, sports and video games."

Eliza Farrow, Women's Center Program Assistant, presented on video games and Dr. Johnson, Women's Center Director, presented on sports. 

Sex Trafficking Affects Oshkosh

Advance-Titan, April 13

“I know that we bring in speakers that can continue to speak to that and we have lots of different events that help bring a bit of an awareness to it. But, conversation needs to continue until the situation is eliminated.” -Courtney Bauder, Director of the Social Justice Program

Panel Discusses Lack of Female Superheroes

Advance-Titan, March 30

“I think they had some good suggestions about what we can do. We hear a lot about discussing the different issues and how they are not always represented fairly. I’ve never really heard all these things that I can do personally.” -UWO student Samantha Moore 

UWO Remembers Jones' Kindness, Passion

Advance-Titan, March 9

“Within the first couple of minutes I knew that we would be friends. I’ve only known her for eight months, but it feels so much longer. So in a short amount of time she was able to make a deep impact on my life.” -Women's Center Director, Dr. Johnson

UWO Women Faculty Talk About Studies Abroad in Male Dominated STEM Fields

Advance-Titan, March 9

“I think it is very important to have women teaching others in these fields. Like they said, it’s more likely to have a woman want to be in a [STEM] field if they see another woman in that particular field. It is just more encouraging for all.” -UWO Junior Hallie Cook

Hawkins Speaks on Journey to Becoming the 50th African-American Woman to Earn PhD in Physics

Advance-Titan, March 2

“Even though people may not look like you, you can find allies in your work. I think it is very rare for a minority to see people like them in this field of work. At this point in my life, however, I think they don’t need to look like me, they just need to give me what I need.” -Dr. Taviare Hawkins

UW System Introduces New Website Educating People About Sexual Assault

Advance-Titan, February 16

“Sexual violence doesn’t just impact the person who was violated, but also their entire friend group. Having that information of what to do and what to say is really important.” -Women's Center Director, Dr. Johnson

World Hijab Day brings UWO women together

Advance-Titan, February 9

Any time that we can, even for a day, put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, I think it’s important to take that opportunity and reflect on what that experience was like ... so that we can work from a place of empathy to make our environment more safe and inclusive for everyone.” -Women's Center Director, Dr. Johnson

UWO students represented at Women's March

Advance-Titan, February 9

“The march was very empowering for me. It opened my eyes and my friend’s eyes to see that it’s not just us that feel this way about America, but millions of people across the nation.” -UW Oshkosh Senior Mariah Garner

Uganda soccer coach empowers Titans

UW Oshkosh Today, February 6

“I now reach out to the communities in Uganda and train the coaches, both male and females. I want to get girls involved in football. I want to empower them and help them achieve an education because of football,” Majidah Nantanda, Head Coach of the Ugandan Senior Women's National Soccer Team.

Two UWO students will participate in the Women’s March on Saturday to help advocate for women’s rights

Advance-Titan, January 20

I will use that passion to stand up for my rights as a woman and other’s basic human rights.” -Ali Christensen, Fall 2016 Women's Center intern

'Voices of Men' heard at event over breakfast

Advance-Titan, November 3

“I think it’s on men to use their privilege in a way that helps create space for women.” -Travis Lundeen, UW Oshkosh student attendee

Next color-brave read author to lecture

Oshkosh Northwestern, October 10 

Women’s Center welcomes new director, introduces full line up of fall events

UW Oshkosh Today, September 30

“The Center is really for anyone. We welcome people of all genders."

A New Director Arrives At The Women’s Center

Advance-Titan, September 14

"Johnson said the new tagline she created for the Women’s Center, “Intersectional innovation for gender equity,” was very purposeful for her. “The intersectional part is looking at women from a diverse perspective,” Johnson said. “Looking at things like race and sexuality and ability…. Innovation is such a broad term so we can look at it in different ways, like social innovation or trying to innovate around technology.”"

Director quoted in article about "cream pie" sign controversy

Advance-Titan, September 14

"Director of the Women’s Center Alicia Johnson said the way Leavitt addressed the lewd sign effectively spread awareness to the campus community. “I think that he did an excellent job articulating the issue, [and] making the campus and community aware that he is aware of the issue and is taking some steps to work against that,” Johnson said.

Johnson said she would like the students to come talk to her in the Women’s Center about the issue and thinks it is a teachable moment. “I understand the push for punishment, especially to signify to other members of the community that type of action is not tolerated,” Johnson said. “But for the people who put up the sign and thought it was an appropriate thing to do, I would love for the opportunity to talk with them and really kind of get to the root of the issue.”

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