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Contact Information


The Wisconsin Review Staff

The following is a list of our talented staff, as well as available positions.

Senior Editors:
Sean Butner               

Alex Seidl                   


Editor Emeritus:

Nicholas Williams        

Fiction Editors:
Ashley Otto                 

Amy Knoll                   

Poetry Editor:

Arielle Smith               


Layout Designer:
Shelby Churchill        



Lindsey Lefeber         

Tim Pemrich               

Raven Braun              

Beth Molnar                

Geoff Ilk                      

Faculty Advisers:
Laura Jean Baker       

Stephen McCabe       

We are currently seeking Readers.  If you are a student and interested in joining the Wisconsin Review, please click HERE (pdf) for a printable application, which can be returned to our office at Polk North Basement, Room 47. Feel free to email a senior editor if you have additional questions!

Readers need a solid literary background and the ability to judge various aspects of poetry and prose.  They are often asked to assist the editors with minors tasks such as stocking newsstands, filling issue orders, or emailing contributors.  Time commitment starts at an hour a week.

“The man who does not read books has no advantage over the man that cannot read them.”
--Mark Twain

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