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References for 2009 Opening Workshop

Why are STEM professors trying a wider range of teaching methods?

Seymour, Elaine and Hewitt, Nancy M.  Talking About Leaving: Why Undergraduates Leave the Sciences.  Boulder: Westview Press, 1997.
Tobias, Sheila.  They're Not Dumb, They're Different: Stalking the Second Tier. Tucson: Research Corporation, 1990.
Project Kaleidoscope
Tomorrow's Professor


Learning Styles (.pptx)

Richard Felder's Learning Styles

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Learning Cycle (.ppt)

Wirth, Karl R. and Perkins, Dexter.  Learning to Learn.  An introduction to theories of learning (.pdf and .doc formats).

Project Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (.ppt)

POGIL website

Moog, Richard S. and Farrell, John J.  Chemistry: A Guided Inquiry.  New York:  Wiley, 2008.

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Professional Opportunities for Faculty and Instructional Staff

OPID (UW System's Office of Professional and Instructional Development) website

Campus Centers for Teaching & Learning

The Human Element (.ppt)


History of Science links

Science Writing Heuristic (.ppt)

SWH website

SWH articles

Using Technology to Improve Student Learning (.ppt)

Active Learning in Large Lectures (.ppt)

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Eric Mazur's website

Science Education Resource Center at Carleton

ConcepTests for geology and chemistry

Backward Design (.ppt)

Wiggins, Grant P., McTighe, Jay. Understanding by Design.  Upper Saddle River, NJ:  Pearson, 2006.

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Community-Based Learning Projects (.pptx)

UW Platteville's Pioneer Academic Center for Community Engagement

models for community-based learning 

Funding Opportunities for STEM Education

NSF Funding  (.pptx)

NSF Undergraduate Education programs

WiscAMP (.ppt)

WiscAMP website

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