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Spring 2010 Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the Women & Science Program's Advisory Board Meeting on May 6, 2010.

UW System Women and Science Program Advisory Board Meeting

UW-Oshkosh, Halsey Science 259 (Distance Education Room)

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, May 6, 2010



UW Oshkosh - Jennifer Mihalick, John Koker, Amy Hardy, Dalelia Davis (WiscAMP)


Attending Remotely:

UW-La Crosse - Cynthia Berlin

UW-Stevens Point - Julie Hellweg,

UW-Stout - Jo Hopp

UW-Eau Claire - Joline Morrison

UW-Parkside – Traci Lee

UW Madison Pyle Center - Helen Klebesadel (UW System), Kevin Lee (UW Colleges), Carol Hirschmugl (UW-Milwaukwee), Mary Grant (UW Extension), Rebecca Power (Great Lakes Reg, Water Program)

UW-Superior - Dorothy Anway

UW-Whitewater – Juliana Constantinescu


I.  Introductions


II.  Approval of Agenda

            Julie Hellweg did not receive agenda. Kevin read the agenda aloud.

            Agenda approved: all in favor


III.  Approval of Minutes from September 18, 2009 meeting

            No comments or corrections. Vote to approve: all in favor


IV.  Election of Co-chair for 2010-2012

            Kevin’s last meeting as co-chair. Arlene H. will continue to serve for one more year. Nominations for co-chair: no nominations. Kevin will continue to preside until the Fall 2010 meeting; we will actively pursue recruiting nominees for co-chair. Vote: all in favor.


V.  Announcements

            1.  W&S Budget Report - J. Mihalick

The Supplies & Expenses Budget is $22,000/academic year. In order to improve our ability to plan programs, we have prepared an estimate of this year's expenses.

Opening Workshop     $7000

OW grants                   $2000

Video conferences      $1000

President’s summit      $4000 (jointly sponsored program with other groups contributing;

                                                in the past the Spring Conference was about $7000.

Office expenses          $1000 (telephone, postage, printing)

travel costs                    $900

tuition reimbursement $2500

grant overages             $2200  previous grants to Women & Science had been overspent


We will end the year on budget, but were not able to do a lot of programming. Next year we should be able to add some events.


            2.  Website traffic report (Google Analytics) - A. Hardy

            Reviewed features of google analytics and traffic report starting in January 2010 for new PLONE web page. We are looking forward to seeing if there is an increase in traffic after the link to the President’s Summit Survey, which is hosted on-line at our site, is sent out to Summit attendees.


VI.  President's Summit on Excellence in Teaching and Learning April 29 - May 1, 2010

            Helen K: Summit took place in Madison at concourse. Hotel service for summit planning was excellent. An e-mail is being sent today to co-sponsoring groups to see if the summit served their needs. Overall, Helen is very pleased with how things worked, the constituency groups have had positive feedback, and we had excellent Keynotes.

            Susan Elrod, the new director of Project Kaleidoscope, is working to increase attention to excellent teaching in STEM fields. Jennifer was able to spend a lot of time with her, relating what we are doing in WI, and discussing how we can make contributions in the future at the national level. Susan plans to post her presentation online so we can link to it from W&S to share with all. The informal discussion after the keynote address went well; Esther, Arlene, Traci, Amy, Jennifer all participated. We talked about national issues as well as issues in WI.

            It was nice to see other board members who presented at the Summit (Angela Bauer-Dantoin and Susan Lincke).  Many feel that the Summit was a good format for all of these groups with similar focus on improving teaching. Unfortunately there was an Exponential Decay in attendance over the three days . Next year the Summit is scheduled for April 14-16th. We plan to have a special W&S session where we can interact as a constituency group, and use the opportunity to hold our Spring Meeting. Jennifer also identified potential presenters for the Opening Workshop while at the Summit.


VII. Opening Workshop September 30 - October 1, 2010

            Scheduled for September 30-October 1 in Marshfield, a central location. Not many came from the Western side of state last year. A call for presenters has been sent and we have had a good response so far. Many are from Biology. We will try to have diverse topics and ideas for participants to use in their classrooms. It should be easier to recruit because we are starting the recruitment earlier this year. Two of the summer grant 2009 recipients will present at this fall’s workshop. They have had a year to put course changes into their classes.

Kevin: Is presenting at OW in the grant proposal?

Jennifer: It is written that they will present at one of the conferences (fall or spring)

Discussion of how having recipients presenting at OW will help to promote more grant applications.


VIII.  Potential New Initiatives

            1.  UW Colleges' Best Practices in STEM Teaching August 30, 2010

            Conference at Baraboo. 4th annual this August. This is a change from previous spring format. Jennifer will give a presentation about the W&S program. It is a good place to share ideas about our teaching and creating an accessible classroom environment


            2.  horizontal mentoring groups

            At the American Chemical Society National Meeting in March, Jennifer presented research and heard about some good programs other schools are doing. Horizontal mentoring is matching people at similar points in academic career. There are still many departments that have few women in them. There were no good role models for senior professors. An NSF grant provided travel funds for one face-to-face meeting a year. We might be able to set up horizontal mentoring in WS System. We hope to pair senior women, via e-mail or videoconference. If we get grant money we can arrange for face-to-face meetings. Start small with electronic meetings and ramp up once we know our needs. We need to identify who would like to form a group within the System.

            Cynthia B-This is something I am interested in. I am completing an Advance Catalyst project right now. I would like to join something like this across the system.

Dorothey A: I would like this too, being isolated in Superior

Helen K: Look on websites to see what campuses are doing a good job in their departments

Kevin L: How do my colleagues on the two year campuses interact with one another? This idea of horizontal mentoring is excellent. I will talk with our central division to see if there is a similar program, and look into other campuses to see how/if they do this.

Mary G: Using Skype would also be beneficial.

Rebecca A: Most of my work is multi state with doctorial (?). Maybe we can look across state lines for doctorial students (one other state to keep it simple?)


            3.  COACh

            Jennifer M: COACh is the Committee on Advancement of Women Chemists. They have some successful workshops in which business consultants come in to teach negotiating skills, and theater instructors come in to show how to present oneself. They have designed workshop for science faculty (chemists, physicists, geologists, etc). They have an NSF grant and if we can match funds they can come to next year’s summit. One option would be for them to spend ½ day with grad students, ½ day with faculty. I will send out a detailed proposal to the advisory board to see if this is of interest. 25 participants can come to each session.


            4.  NSF ADVANCE PAID

            Jennifer M: Several UW schools have had institutional grants. ADVANCE PAID can be a grant for system wide programming. This will probably be due in November.  Funds could be used for horizontal mentoring.  Another idea is to have post docs travel to comprehensives to give seminars, teaching the postdocs about careers at the comprehensives and teaching undergraduates about the academic career path (grad school to post doc to assistant professor).  Traci thinks is great idea. Jennifer: we will research departments campuses and cost.  It is necessary to develop programs that could still exist after grant money is spent. Any suggestions from the board would be appreciated.

Juliana C: Our campus created one credit course in physics for alumni to present experiences to undergraduates. 12 came every week this fall.

Jennifer M: Please send e-mails of ideas. What should we ask NSF for?


IX. Campus Reports

            La Crosse - Cynthia B: I would be happy to work with you on the NSF ADVANCE PAID. We are in the final stages of our ADVANCE IT Catalyst grant. We are not finding any large systemic problems, and just completed a survey; in the initial analysis females seem more satisfied than males. This was good news to us.

            Extension - Mary G: In March we sponsored a STEM forum across system. We will debrief in May and see if we will meet again. We will make a dedicated effort to connect with W&S.

            Oshkosh-Jennifer: Dean Koker created a College of Letters & Science Diversity Committee. I am on this, along with Arlene H. The College also developed a strategic plan this year. The Diversity Committee will respond to issues raised in the Campus Climate Survey and the Strategic plan.  There are also some concerns about the DF&W rate for certain underrepresented groups. I will be involved with a potential session at new faculty orientation and a chair's workshop. These would happen at the end of summer. I will also be on a panel at my college reunion later this month about Women and careers in science.

UWSP-Julie H: We have a new chancellor and have been in a “maintaining state”. We are watching to see what changes will be made. We had a successful W&S day. We are planning a STEM career day for fall, for students in grades 8-12.


X. Preliminary Planning for Fall Advisory Board Meeting.

OW will be at then end of September. Do we want to have the board meeting in mid September? Video conference format. Juliana agrees with mid-September. Jennifer will send out a doodle poll for exact dates and times. Juliana wants to know when registration for OW deadline is? That will depend on the conference center's deadline.

Jennifer M: Items for the next board meeting: elect co-chair, collect a panel of reviewers for OW grant.

Helen K: WWHEL and ACE are co-sponsoring a conference on work-life issues this fall, Nov 4-5. Jennifer has the call for proposals (due May 15). Jennifer will send it to the board.


Jennifer M: Thanks to all for your help in my first year as Director of the W&S Program.


Julie H: Will e-mail Amy info about an additional "Best Practices in STEM" conference this fall (for educators in K-16).


Meeting Adjourned 2:15pm


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