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Spring 2008 Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

UW System Women & Science Program
Advisory Board Meeting
May 15, 2008

Attendance:  Kevin Lee, Dorothy Anway, Douglas Johnson, Tammy Salmon-Stephens, Tiffany Akins, Traci Lee, Julie Lukesh, Kay Taube, Barb Nielsen, Susie Sandrin, Amy Hardy, Chris Yahnke, Helen Klebesadel, Esther Ofulue, Susan Lincke, Julie Hellweg, Laura McCullough

Tammy Salmon-Stephens called the meeting to order at 10:34 AM.

Welcome and Introductions

Overview of Minutes
Add last names to list of attendees.  Change “Ether” to “Esther.”  Add Meredith Silas, Manuela Romero, Marc Goulet (videoconference), John Koker (videoconference), Carol Mooney and Laura McCullough (videoconference). 

Submit grammatical changes to Susie.

Kay moved, Kevin 2nd to accept minutes as changed.  Unanimous.

Elect a new Co-Chair:  Marc Goulet will be ending his 2-year term.  Tammy asked for nominations, including self-nominations.  Kay Taube and Kevin Lee self-nominated. 

Each member discussed why they would like to be the new co-chair.

Kevin Lee has been on ad. Bd since 2002.  He has been an active member and W&S program has been instrumental in his faculty development.  He encourages his colleagues to attend all of our events and is interested in providing leadership now. 

Kay Taube has been involved with this program since its inception.  She is in the last two years of her career in the UW System.  This is an ideal time to give back to groups that she has been involved with.  Also, she is very involved with the Women’s studies group and the Status of Women Committee for UW Extension. 

Kevin and Kay left the room so the board could vote.  Barb moved to elect a Chair and then offer the second person a position as a co-Chair elect for 2009.  Manuela 2nd. 

There was a unanimous vote for Kevin Lee to be co-Chair for 2008-2010 and Kay Taube to be the co-Chair Elect. 

Opening Workshop:  Susie Sandrin reported from the handout about the event.

The population was a more experienced group than normal, and some presenters experienced more challenges getting through to them.  Will they be as affected?  We hope so!  Tammy S. and Kevin L. said they thought it would still be good to include the more experienced folks.  Chris Yahnke reported about a website that shows that there is no “right way” to teach – there are many different right ways.

Perhaps we should poll our group of participants to see what experiences they have.  Encourage discussion at round table discussion in evenings.  Mention to participants – you don’t have to implement all of this right away!!  Also, remember that presenters need to get through their talk, but there will be time for questions at the end.

Should we have a mentor for the weekend conference?  Or a new instructor orientation?  Maybe two break out sessions – one for more experienced instructors (just new to UW System) and one for the participants new to teaching.

Dorothy A. said she heard a speaker once say “change 10% a year – not everything all at once.”

Esther O. mentioned that we might want to encourage past grant recipients from the OW grants to present at OW, even if they are only mid-stream in the project. 

Campus visits: Susie S. reported about her visits to UW System, UW Colleges Deans and Chairs and UW Colleges Dept. of CS, Engineering, and Physics.

Kay Taube reported that their new leadership did not want to fund videoconferences for the UW Extension Status of Women Committee.  So, we did not have that option this time around.  WiscAMP was the topic of our spring event.

Tammy S. mentioned that UW-Platteville was able to videotape it.  The official videotape did not work so we have not been able to post it.  We only have an audio portion.  Susie S. will contact Kay T. about more co-sponsorship in the future!!

Julie Lukesh, Kay Taube, Dorothy Anway all mentioned that they would continue on the distance education committee.

Helen K. mentioned discussing with Ron Singer to put a DIN (Decision Item Narrative) to make women & minorities in STEM in the budget.  Laura M. mentioned that Stout was already doing this on a campus level.  This might be a good discussion topic for a distance education.  What would each campus contribute to the project?  Perhaps we should talk to the people who got a similar initiative together for K-16 initiatives. 

Other ideas for a distance education event?  Promote fall workshop by including a topic from this workshop that is particularly popular.

Spring Conference: 75 participants will be here this year.  Lots of NEW folks.  Less presenters.

Engaging a Young Science Audience:  This conference is completely full at 50 participants registered.  It’s a different conference format.  We have some keynote presentations planned plus some sharing sessions and moderated sessions.  Our first Keynote speaker is from STEPS at UW-Stout.  Tammy S. also recruited some students who are outreaching to high school students at Platteville.

We will discuss collaborating with community organizations, such as Girl Scouts.

WiscAMP:  Manuela Romero reported.  They have an annual meeting in November.  This meeting is becoming more general and less focused.  They will be opening it up this year to participants who are not liaisons, but they cannot cover the lodging and travel for these folks.  The registration is free.  They will be offering a student conference too, and would like to have more students present.  They always have it the day before the Provosts’ Meeting, to help Provosts to attend.  The conference date is November 13th.

They are going up for renewal in October.  The structure of the alliance may change as some campuses add and some may go away. 

The question was raised, “how close are we to getting to our goal?”  We had 197 students graduate and the goal was 318.  This would have required an 18% increase each year, which is very difficult to achieve. 

They recently applied for an expansion to the program through the UW System Closing the Achievement Gap fund.  This program will target the tier 2 students by offering a summer program for students after their freshman year – math, writing and chemistry, and study skills.  Each student receives a $3500 stipend for the 8-week program.  This project would begin by next summer.  For the following school year, each campus was asked to put up $9000 for each student to cover student stipends and for faculty member who is mentoring the student in research projects.  They can even use a WiscAMP small grant to pay some of these costs.  Stout, Madison, Oshkosh, Eau Claire, La Crosse, Parkside, Whitewater, Green Bay signed on. 

There were 7 small grant proposals in the last round, and 5 were approved.  Green Bay is new to the small grant program.

Manuela R. will be teaching a program called “Diversity in the Classroom” at UW-Madison.  The purpose is to create a workshop that she can take on the road in the future.  The course at UW-Madison is a 16-week course for graduate students and junior faculty members.  Goal: good teaching practices that reach diverse audiences.

Tammy S. mentioned that some campuses are very teaching-focused and the faculty don’t feel like they would be competitive for small grants proposal because they don’t do as much research so they can involve students outside of classroom.  Campuses really do need to demonstrate a campus commitment and engaging students beyond what the campus should be doing anyway.  These are training grants for students, and cannot be used to pay large summer salaries.  The campus should supplement summer salaries from faculty.  Also, WiscAMP cannot fund housing for summer bridge programs, so this may need to be the campus commitment.  They CAN pay for travel to conferences.  A letter from the Provost makes a grant MUCH stronger.


Helen K. has to leave, so we revisited the STEM DIN initiative.  Contact Helen K. about this initiative at Women’s Studies Consortium.  Every campus would have to be part of this.  She will be working on the process for now.

Fall Advisory Board Meeting

When do we want to meet?  The week before school starts on each campus…  This might conflict with department meetings at beginning of the year. 

We want to have the meeting on a campus so we can have the option for videoconferences (for folks who cannot attend in person). 

Do we want to look in August?  It was too hard to find a date.

Friday, September 5th is the date!  Host: UW Oshkosh.  IF no videoconference room is available, we can look at the 4th or 11th (Thursday) and 12th.  Another option is WisLineWeb.

Fall Opening Workshop: See appeal for OW presenters.  The handout mentions “hosting” a workshop.  Change word to “presenter and facilitator”.

Committee to review grants: Julie Hellweg, Kevin Lee, Traci Lee, Dorothy Anway.  Ask Juliana C. if she wants to continue.

Spring Conference dates: NOT May 21-22 BUT May 14 – 15, 2009.

We may pursue other water park resorts in the area, if they make accommodations for our group.  Some suggestions are Great Wolf Lodge, Chula Vista, Kalahari.

Campus visits: We could look into Green Bay or Stevens Point (new Provost)…

Graduate students and family support issues:  Nick Balster brought this up at our last meeting.  Manuela R. mentioned that this is a bigger issue in Madison, where graduate students are funded on grants and if they take a maternity leave, they cannot hire another student to take over and they cannot extend a grant. 

Other issues lie with families and students in general.

Laura M. asked if we could table this discussion until Nick B. is here. 

Manuela R. mentioned that this issue affects nontraditional students. 

Tiffany A. mentioned that the student association in Madison is looking at negotiating maternity leave policies there.

This could be a great topic for a DISTANCE ED event!  But we need to define the issue.  And find an expert who can bring in some statistics, etc.

Items from the floor! 

Campus reports:

Stout has a new College of STEM, a new science building, new Dean for new STEM College, 3/7 of Physics Dept. are women.  They are now a Polytechnic U.

Superior is getting a new academic building and renovating almost everything else.

Dorothy moved to adjourn and Kay 2nd.  Adjourned at 1:40 PM.

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