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Spring 2007 Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

UW System Women & Science Program                               Advisory Board Meeting                                                      May 17, 2007


Called to order by Marc Goulet, co-Chair


 Present: Marc Goulet, Kris Stepenuk, Dorothy Anway, Laura McCullough, Barbara Beaver, Jennifer Miskowsi, Tammy Salmon-Stephens, Kay Taube, Amy Hardy, Kevin Lee, Elizabeth Zanichkowsky, Helen Klebesadel, Manuela Romero, Julie Lukesh, Heidi Fencl, Barb Nielsen


Minutes from September 2006 meeting: We are desperately seeking these minutes. If you have them, please send them along!


Elect a new co-chair: Tammy volunteers.  Elizabeth Zanichkowsky closed nominations.  Helen Klebesadel second.  Tammy elected anonymously.


Opening workshop ’06: We had 33 folks in attendance. The dates were Nov 2-3.  There was a higher percentage of Computer Science educators attending than in the past. Mostly first year people attended. We sent a list to department chairs helped get more people in their first 5 years. Helen Klebesadel will help with list from system to get current list of chairs by fall.


Could we push for department chairs to come with their first year people? Or to present? And bring a guest. (Kevin Lee).  Have Susie attend the teaching college at UW Richland center. Get list of people who have received that grant and have them present at opening workshop.

(Kris Stepenuk) Is there any opportunity for Grad Students to attend? Try with Ph.D. students and see what type of response we get.


Campus visits: Oshkosh, Stevens Point, La Crosse, Stout, Platteville, Parkside, Whitewater.

Need to visit: Eau Claire, Superior, (need invite, preferably by provost), Milwaukee, (maybe get WS to invite and get out word with STEM faculty) –Julie Lukesh-Maybe ask to get on provost agenda to ask for visit?

Send Dorothy something to put in her report to provost and she’ll submit it.

Marc feels we’ll get the meeting in Eau Clair next year because they just hired a new provost. Susie and Manuela will begin campus visits again in the Fall through December.

Go to STEM two day department meetings in the Spring. One day is usually for professional development. Work through department chairs to get the faculty to attend presentations.

-Kevin Lee-Last week in Aug before Labor Day would be a good for UWC?


Distance Ed: Spring event, Women & Science co – sponsored UW EX Status of Women Commitee videoconference.  21 sites were on-line with 228 or 328 in attendance.  Speaker = Class Matters with Betsy Leondar-Wright.  A great collaborative adventure.  This is  They also have videos that can be lent out.


Fall event had 10 campuses on increasing access and excellence across UW System: A Look at the Equity Scorecard.  UW – Madison had two sites, which was helpful (and closer to College of Engineering).


Ask campuses to report back as to how many people are there.


Collaborative events brought in more people.


WiscAMP update: 3rd year of operation of a 5-year (renewable) grant.  They are in the 3rd year external review.  They can look at what they are doing and change directions.  Needed to double from 157 to 314 STEM graduates.  Manuela hopes to get to 250, but it may not happen.  Hopefully they will be renewed and get the doubling at 8 or 9 years.  Manuela will be going around and reaching out to more 2-year campuses for the alliances (MATC – Milwaukee and Madison, the two largest feeder schools to the UW System – in particular).  One effort is to help with transfers from these campuses.  Work on skill development on these campuses.  The annual meeting is November 7-8.  The Governing board (Provosts) will meet then, with liaisons (faculty members assigned by provosts).   All funded students funded by program will be invited, and will give poster presentations.  Last year the meeting was in February, the night before the huge blizzard, but they still had half the Provosts there (but no student presentations).  They are on the fifth round of small grants.  They are funding three new proposals across the system (Oshkosh, Whitewater – Platteville – Beloit – Rock County – MATC regional initiative, which is now submitting an NSF REU proposal).  There was a drop in applications this year. 


NSF GSE high school gender & climate project update (Heidi, Susie, Marc) Project is moving along. It’s very exciting that we have 95 teachers signed up. The word is really spreading. We still have space so we still have space for 25. If we fill up we will start a wait list for next time. We have allowed a few middle school teachers in if they agree to do the dissemination. All teachers are currently from WI. Registration is on our website. Jennifer Miskowski from UW La Crosse said her campus has a program for STEM for Girls over the summer that is successful. Gave name to Susie for contact. Maybe cross promote events? We are still looking for names of people to host smaller sessions. Maybe teachers who work with the kids, they will relate better with the teachers they are presenting to. Any good speakers we would love to hear about for our breakout sessions. Marc an interesting thing from the data asked kids what they though of careers. Women said biology but when asked about biological engineering the numbers dropped drastically. So language matters? The word engineering scares them off?


LaCrosse has a new program looking at ways to retain faculty.  Part time options for faculty?




Upcoming programs and dates 2007 & 2008:


Fall advisory board Mtg: Need Location and date. UW-Extension would love to host (Kay Taube).  Motion made by Susie seconded by Tammy SS.  Approved anonymously to host the fall Advisory Board meeting at Extension centers in Madison.


Opening Workshop: Susie wanted to try something new. She booked Friedrick Center for Nov 2-3 in Madison. It has been reserved. This may help in getting speakers. Thurs/Fri/Sat there is an environmental film festival (Helen K). Looking for speakers and volunteers. If you would like to speak or host a session just let Susie know by e-mail. We would like to have the schedule set by September.


Grant committee- we need a committee to review grant applications. Jennifer Miskowski volunteered. Deadline for grants is in December. Dorothy Anway volunteered. Kevin Lee volunteered.


Distance Ed:

Committee volunteers needed. Kay Taube volunteered. Dorothy Anway volunteered. Julie Lukesh volunteered.


Spring Advisory Board & Spring Conference:

May 15-16, 2008 has been finalized at meeting.


More Campus Visits- see earlier discussion


Role of industry reps: Marc Goulet- Our industry reps want to be helpful, but they were not sure that our meetings were a good use of their time, in their current format.

Susie Sandrin-  Perhaps we need to have a more defined role, and ask them to be advisors to the board for specific questions.  We do need input on their needs from the students we “produce.”

Helen Klebesadel suggested they be invited to discuss specific topics ie; MentorNet, review summer workshop (airs? Workshop?), HR. Encourage them to become advocates/change agents within their company.

Do any of the companies have work force development? Those individuals would be helpful. It also depends on what industry. Biotech start up firms, Harley Davidson, Service learning/internships for college age kids. Tammy Salmon-Stephens: Ask the reps about strategies from industry to help increase engagement within the group, adding what new developments/tech on the agenda. We should offer to send out job announcements, and do monthly postings. Manuela says maintaining the listings is a lot of work.

Susie asks: Do we want them to come to both or just once a year. Ask them:What are you seeing with our graduates? Ask them to host a session or bring a panel to present.



New site is up. We need to put up links to WS Cons, and many other links. Send links or info to Amy or Susie and we’ll try to update weekly.

Helen K announced the WS conference UW Green Bay: Women & Environment. Includes all environs, the IE community, academic, etc… If you would like to help organize contact Helen.


This will run in conjunction with a LGBTQ conference, so you can sign up for both at the same time!


Items from the Floor:


Tammy Salmon-Stephens: Women & Eng. Program received a national award.”We are a model program across the nation.” Also, Tammy received the Academic Excellence Award!




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