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Spring 2006 Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

UW System Women & Science Program
Advisory Board Meeting
May 18, 2006

Present: Deb Gilbert, Bob Bell, Teri Balser, Margaret Blanchard, Carla Burkhardt, Heidi Fencl, Fran Garb, Marc Goulet, Doug Johnson, Helen Klebesadel, KariBeth Krieger, KevinLee, Susan Lincke, Laura McCullough, Kristina Mosley, Esther Ofulue, Barb Nielsen, Daphne Pham, Tammy Salmon-Stephens, Suzie Sandrin, Kay Taube, Eileen Zito, Michael Zimmerman

Introductions: All present introduced themselves and the institutions they represent.
Doug Johnson began introductions.
Proposed modification to agenda by Doug Johnson –
To “Old Business” program name add part C – Decision
Membership to the advisory board –Michael Zimmerman is leaving – praised as a leader – great loss to UW system.
Approval of minutes – Michael Zimmerman moved. Seconded by Ester Ofulue
Elect Co-Chair – Tammy Salmon Stephens and Marc Goulet were nominated. Tammy S. declined due to other career issues. Fran moved to accept Marc as the Chair. Seconded by Kay Taube. Unanimous approval! Marc Goulet said “OK”
Susie Sandrin – Opening Workshop info: Upswing in attendance. Looking for Speakers – clipboard sent around for proposals.
Kay Taube - Distance Education Events
Thanks to Women & Science and Women Studies for video conference about work/life balance issues – 120 attended video conference
Women & Science expanded to number of people through use of their list services
Fall videoconference, Multicultural Science Education: Focus on American Indian
Students – brought together by committee was a success, but lower attendance. Open to suggestions about Spring ‘07
Susie Sandrin - CRI Update
Not enough teams interested. Susie is looking to regroup and come up with different ideas.
Tammy proposed over the summer going to a campus – focusing on one campus
Manuela – absent – Susie will send out info about WiscAMP. Doug gave some information about the program.
Susie Sandrin & Marc Goulet - NSF GSE High School Teachers 3 day conference planned for teachers and an action tool kit for Gender and Climate in Science and preEngineering programs – 3 credits to teachers through UW Oshkosh Interviewing Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton and Sally Ride for video
Survey created by Heidi Fencl: will be given to incoming students at UW Oshkosh and UW Eau Claire.
Esther Ofulue asked where workshop will be held at – Susie mentioned Oshkosh but nothing is set in stone – will be decided tomorrow.
Will advertise w/ DPI this fall – need to set up dates and place first.
Tammy will get names and contacts for project Lead the Way.
Name Change
Susie Sandrin - Survey results:
Created by Barbara Beaver & Susie Sandrin
Focus on Goals and Mission and how our name fits
Flipped scale on 3rd question
Bob Bell’s department (Biology, UW-Stevens Point) didn’t like the names –
Motion: Keep the existing name with the ampersand symbol and the following tagline:
Women & Science Program
Promoting Excellence and Diversity in STEM Education
Motion by Carla Burkhardt moved, KariBeth Krieger seconded. Unamimously passed.
New Business
Upcoming program dates
UW - Stevens Point has agreed to host the Fall Meeting.
Proposed Dates: Sept 29th, October 20th
Dates will be sent out in email to everyone.
Opening Workshop:
Friday, Saturday dates – Might be better to get new people problem w/ getting people to commit to weekend. But better coverage for classes
Black River Falls - Arrow Head lodge is offensive to Native American
Thursday, Friday date Wilderness Resort Stick w/ Thursday Friday reservation for this year – look at weekend for next year – check w/ if it would bring more or less people
Bob Bell recommended sending flyer or promotion to department head to promote Opening Workshop. Fran Garb has list of Chairs and Dept heads so we can mail directly to them. Great! Doug Johnson suggested we need to make sure correct names and departments on list. Fran will have list sorted and sent to Susie Sandrin.
Distance Education
Susie thank you to our Distance Education Committee for 2005 – 2006. They are Kay Taube, Dorothy Anway, and Kris Stepenuck.
It is a lot of work leg work to find and retain speakers, and the committee members help!
Searching for new volunteers, any ideas or viewpoints. Kay will be back next year
Ideas: Tammy Salmon Stephens volunteered – WW=P - opportunity
Fran Garb suggested Vicky Washington – project understanding how to use data to improve assess and opportunity, Work with her and process gateway…
No new volunteers for committee. Will ask via e-mail.
Next years Spring Conference
May 17-18, 2007
Note: Change Retreat to Conference on everything!!
Susie Sandrin - Conference Visits to increase visibility of Women & Science.
Problem w/ arranging with Provost. Recommended by Eileen zito to have Susie set up dates and send dates to universities. Recommended by Doug to group campuses together to meet with a region all at the same time.
Recommended by Michael Zimmerman to meet with actual departments to build ties.
Recommended by Heidi Fencl to have Susie attend Provost or Deans meetings once/year.
Advisory Board composition
Michael Zimmerman– when provosts / administration was on committee there was a higher level of visibility - greater assess to money.
Fran Garb recommended to list this as an agenda item in meeting w/ provosts on campus (see previous)
Michael Z. wants to make sure that present board will feel comfortable with the change to the composition
Esther Ofulue added that faculty is more effective in recruiting people to attend meetings.
Would like to see that the change will not take away that ability to have direct contact.
Susie Sandrin did clarify that there is supposed to be one faculty, one administration from
each campus.
Susie is concerned that there is limited future for the program if we depend on one campus for majority of support (Oshkosh).
Recommended by Margaret to have Susie speak to provost and request that provost join the committee and have at least a couple of the them to the meeting
Recommended by Heidi Fencl to have the hook of engaging students (per NESSE) to appeal to provost or attend conference
Bob Bell – thinks Deans are too busy to attend advisory board meeting. Recommends getting them to come to Spring Conference. If we just get a couple – not necessarily every campus.
Best way to do this (Doug Johnson) meet with Provost to set up Deans as member of board (since probably would not attend as just guest)
Recommended by Laura McCullough to get at least a couple committed Deans. Use hook of engaging students to get deans to join our board. This will help them to shape faculty development classes.
Update website w/ programs for under-represented students. Please pass clipboard around and we will update so we can update our list.
Recommended by Carla Burkhardt to add MentorNet to website.
Nominations for more reps –clipboard passed around
New items from the floor
Fran Garb – new DOE scholarship increasing students
1st part students how have taken rigorous high school. Will layer on top of Pell grants what constitutes rigorous?
2nd part STEM students who have completed 2 years college and maintained satisfactory progress. On top of Pell grants recommended that we recognize their achievements and promote to others. Fran will forward info to Susie.
Kay Taube asked about Adult Learners – Fran will look it up for her
Laura McCullough request for Science Olympiad. High School Olympiad has incorporated. Needs someone to serve on the Advisory Board. Needs strong personality.
Tammy Salmon Stephens - Year of backlash to support Women’s program since they leave out boys. Curious are others are experiencing these things?
Do we polarize people with the name Women & Science? How to engage people to get our message out without alienating? Helen Klebesadel– documentation to prove programs are more effective to have separate classes. Fran Garb – percentage of male/female – student of color numbers have gone down. Kari Beth Krieger - Standards in Science – bias in faculty evalution. Fran Garb – talking about just getting women to
join it is also about the improvement to our society by having women in good jobs.
Adjourned at 1:45 PM

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