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Spring 2005 Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

UW System Women & Science Program                             Advisory Board Meeting,                                                    May 19, 2005


Meeting Minutes, submitted by Deborah Gilbert

Meeting called to order at 10:40 AM
Eileen Zito and Laura McCullough presiding as co-Chairs.
Mary took meal orders.


Manuela Romero, Kevin Lee ,Tammy Salmon-Stephens, Deb Gilbert, Laura McCullough, Eileen Zito, Susie Sandrin, Mary Comperini-Stoffel, Heidi Fencl, Margy Blanchard, Barbara Beaver, Barb Nielsen, Laura Cole, Fran Garb, Helen Klebesadel, Elizabeth Zanichkowsky.

Moved - Fran, Second - Tammy: Approved

Old Business:
Program Announcements
Opening Workshop 11/04 - Everyone loved accommodations, low attendance - 17.5
Working with provosts to invite larger group, include up to 5 years as new faculty.

Discussion from floor to improve publishing of opportunity. Perhaps we can improve PR through orientation of new faculty. Perhaps an advisory board member or past participant on opening workshop could speak briefly at this orientation. Or announce a more detailed presentation for the following week.

Discussed moving workshop to Friday/Saturday. Feedback from potential presenter that it is difficult to get away during the week and miss classes. Questionnaire of attendees shows a preference of 2/3 for the mid-week. Once surveyed non participants and had a similar response.

Always difficult to get participation in first year. Important to focus on 2nd and 3rd year is equally valuable if not more beneficial with that first year experience.

Do invitees need to be renominated by provosts? Can we directly re-invite someone who was nominated but couldn't make it one year? Suggestion to send a letter to the provost letting them know so they can be prepared for travel expenses. "Junior faculty and academic staff"

Two distance Education Events:
November - More than half campuses participated. Very successful.
April - Not well attended - only five campuses. Not sure if it was timing or the topic. Interesting presentation.

Strategic Planning Group Report & Discussion (Doug):
Met in Madison face to face and few teleconferences
Reconfirmed commitment of organization to increase participation of other underrepresented groups. Significant addition to mission statement - "and beyond": the value of the broader impact we have on the rest of the known universe. Still primarily focused on UWS.

Suggestion to change the word science to STEM in the last sentence. Or reword to emphasize context.

Do we want to only promote changes or support existing practices. Change to promoting practices and systematic changes… Committee needs to work on wording. Perhaps promoting systematic improvements…

Guiding Principle: General support as written.

Vision: Add a comma after students. General support for statements. Wanted to preserve the original intent of the word "and" in the title to emphasize that the practice of science benefits from diverse participation. Is the word "diverse" perceived as exclusive of "white/male" participation.

Query to floor to raise any concerns or questions as opposed to
review each bullet specifically.
4) Perhaps add cultural sensitivity training. Group concensus is this is better addressed under goal 2). Request team work to add this there.
3c), 5ab), 1b) Concerned about "Facilitate" instead of a more active word such as "Create". Ex 3C, 5A/b, 1b. We need to be sure we desire creation of a specific program. Maybe "encourage" is a better word. Or on 3C delete the word "facilitate" and limit it to "support." Leave as in 1b and 5a. In 5b, change to "celebrating and share good practice".
5) Clarified - This is targeted at educators within UW that fosters connection with the broader community. Do we need to rewrite the top bullet to make that more clear?
Endorsement - 2b) Written very well. All of goal 4 is tremendous and powerful.
Concern - UW system is not comfortable with the word "minority". Could we replace "women and minority" with diverse, underrepresented, or "women and other underrepresented groups"? Perhaps we could follow the use in goal 1) of the word "inclusive" and emphasize the concept of inclusivity. It is also about strengthening the voice within a group and not just participation.
We're not ready to get rid of the word "women" there are still real issues. Perhaps "retain equally more women and underrepresented"… Direction to the team is to work on this wording to remove the word "minority".

CRI Survey results:
Susie summarized past program scope and context for doing the survey.

Surveyed past participants - would have been great to survey non participants.

Highlights - Preference on things they can apply in the classroom, active learning.
Perceive a general desire to instruct without so many artificial boundaries between disciplines.

Ranked highest areas already emphasized. Ranked lowest surprised to see pedagogical strategies here.

Question from the floor why a team can't be two? Response is that the 3rd person is supposed to be the administrator. Question - is it necessary for an administrator to participate for all five days?

Main obstacle is money.

Question to the floor - Should we continue to hold this? Should it be changed?

Discussion - Are there competing programs? There are programs that are less expensive or even free for some areas. Budget demands etc make this difficult to do in the summer?

Tabled this to discuss over lunch with name changes.
Name change - Good lunch topic. Have not come to grips with making a decision. It is difficult to decide to make a change. We feel there are some very compelling reasons to change. Provosts had no idea this group was interested in other underrepresented groups besides women. Include ideas such as "UWS program for equal opportunities in science or STEM disciplines", "STEM Advance" (with a small UWS before and W&S after). "Diversity in Science" (STEM). Original name from the grant involved the name "community" let's reconsider incorporating this. Two issues - Title is not our only advertising, people need to know we exist, people need to understand we represent more than just women, people need to know we address broader disciplines other than science. The name has to be simple, compelling, but cannot do all.

Lunch discussion on name:
SIE-STEM: Supporting Inclusive Education on STEM
PI-STEM: Promoting Inclusivity in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics
InSTEM: Inclusivity in STEM

New Business
Dates: okay unless noted
Adv Board - Susie will send out dates for fall (will target meeting at
Wintergreen Resort), 5/18/2006

CRI - Difficult to participate. Need is less as 2-8yr faculty have expertise. Increased academic emphasis make it difficult to participate in summer. Family commitments also make it difficult. Campus teams may be interested next year to have a focus on student retention. Can we make this a retreat to focus on other things in the strategic plan. Maybe have overlap with similar program proposed, but not funded, for K-12. Need to work on advertising of institute to draw the right audience. Could be audience who teaches STEM education. Can it be tied to certification process. Struggle to document improved learning. How do I reform a course and assess it in a meaningful way and in a way that can be published. UW system had made a commitment to implement on a pilot voluntary basis a Diversity score card (BENSIMONE). Fran will send a copy of report on the Diversity score card initiative.

Suggestion from floor to have a distance ed workshop on incorporating cultural sensitivity into your curriculum or teaching in a culturally sensitive way.

Commendations for the last years distance ed committee and request for volunteers for coming year (Kay, Dorothy, Kris).

WiscAMP - Wisconsin Alliance for Minority Participation. (Dr. Manuela Romero):
Summary of the organization.
3 goals
- Forge academic alliance
- Double number of underrep minorities awarded Baccalaureate degrees in STEM (124 in 2005) *** Most important to funding sponsor
(250 in 5 years - 2010)
Madison & Milwaukee are key to achieving this result
See handout for initiatives at Madison & Milwaukee
Other campuses may submit proposals for funding (potential for impact, number of students, potential to grow pipeline) (have to be US citizens or permanent residents and part of underrepresented groups in STEM, ie Hispanic, african, not asian) Want to see institutions working together. Could be summer REU, some faculty development, cross-institutional department development. Again mainly determined by potential impact.

Will share best practices at annual meeting of alliance participants. Very few had heard of the WiscAMP program prior to this meeting. Dr. Romero is visiting campuses and is willing to come to yours.

MentorNet (Susie):
Announcement to provosts 1.5 weeks ago. 2yr trial free from MentorNet. Haven't heard from all campuses (special issue with colleges which need a rep for each campus). Susie has a list of campuses that haven't joined. If you are willing to contact your provost to volunteer to be a campus rep, that would insure your campus participation (~1hr/wk) - meet with student groups, verify student enrollment, MentorNet does the rest. Rep could be from counseling, deans office, …, doesn't have to be a faculty member. Biggest issue will be recruitment - getting freshman to sign up. Great need for seniors in terms of contact for career guidance in interest area that does not match campus emphasis. Evaluation has to be a piece for WiscAMP funding (for example). More strategic mentoring than on campus type. Need to get more industry involvement as mentors.

Education Trust Study (Susie/Fran):
Funding to sponsor a study to identify critical places on pathway where we are loosing women and students of color, also socioeconomic status. How can states assess where we are losing students and what tools are available. Baccalaureate level. Some other states are also looking at linking data with K-12. $10k grant here. MS Psychology student will be presenting results tomorrow. Looked at successful and students who should have been successful (from test scores). Don't have a report yet. Cannot distribute any information without approval. Also interested in national report.

Potential program initiatives (Susie):
Submitted a CRI grant for elementary and high school teachers. It was very well rated, but not funded. Did not feel they had enough background.
Have a new industry rep who was not able to attend. Engineer, Waukesha, VP corp? Susie please include in minutes.

Name change discussion resumed:
Recommend we work with marketing group or communications study group, OR continuing educators on campus to work on a project to rebrand the group. Share mission & objectives with teams. Target summer marketing classes on each campus for ideas by end of summer. That leave one month for a recommendation at the fall board meeting.

Campus reports:
UW Platteville - tristate initiative , buildings being b uilt, recruiting students from tristate area. Very exciting, we are growing.

Stevens Point - Female Dean of Natural Science (Christine Tomas)

River Falls - New female Physics faculty (2)

Extension - Committee on status of women institution, send Kay info to get in contact with people doing research on the climate for Women (Madison WISELI is having free training 6/14 targeted at search/screen committee chairs, open to anyone - very successful at increasing pool for faculty leadership and STEM, has been getting national recognition particularly as it is research based).

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