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Fall 2010 Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the Women & Science Program's Advisory Board Meeting on September 21, 2010.

UW System Women and Science Program Advisory Board Meeting

UW-Oshkosh, Halsey Science 259 (Distance Education Room)

9:00 am - 10:00 am, September 21, 2010




UW Oshkosh - Arlene Haffa (Co-chair), John Koker, Jennifer Mihalick, Amy Hardy

UW Madison: Gail Coover, Rebecca Power

UW-Milwaukee: Carol Hirschmugl

UW-Eau Claire: Joline Morrison

UW-La Crosse: Shauna Sallmen, Carla Burkhardt

UW-Parkside: Traci Lee, Susan Linke

UW-Platteville: Tammy Salmon-Stephens

UW-River Falls: Rellen Hardtke-Alternate, Brad Kaske-Dean

UW-Stevens Point: Julie Hellweg, Chris Yahnke

UW-Stout: Jo Hopp, Laura McCullough

UW-Superior: Dorothy Anway


I.  Introductions

            Meeting Chaired by Arlene Haffa. All participating board members introduced.


II. Approval of Agenda

            Motion to approve agenda (T. Lee) and seconded (R. Hardtke). Agenda read aloud (A. Haffa) for those who did not receive it. Agenda unanimously approved.


III. Approval of Minutes from May 6, 2010 Meeting

            Motion to approve minutes (D. Anway) seconded (T. Lee). Minutes unanimously approved.


IV. Election of Co-chair for 2010-2012

Self nomination by Chris Yahnke for co-chair 2010-2012. No other nominations. D. Anway moves to pass a unanimous ballot. Seconded by S. Sallmen. Election of Chris Yahnke is unanimously approved.


V.  Announcements

            None at this time. J. Mihalick sends out program announcements to board members as they occur.


VI. Reports on Conferences

Presented by J. Mihalick:


1.      UW Colleges' Best Practices in STEM Teaching UWC Baraboo August 30, 2010

56 participants registered, colleges represented just over half of participants. Dean Koker gave the keynote. J. Mihalick presented two talks and two posters. There is a chance that W&S will be asked to give money to support the program next year.


2.      W&S Opening Workshop September 30 - October 1, 2010 in Marshfield

New educators registered:

            Colleges 2                               Oshkosh 4                   River Falls 0               

Eau Claire 3                            Parkside 2                   Superior  0

Green Bay 1                            Platteville 4                

La Crosse 7                             Stevens Point 8

Madison 2                               Stout 4

Milwaukee 1                           Whitewater 4

Both River Falls and Superior have had some administrator changes making it difficult to identify and invite new STEM educators.

Each year we offer two $1000 summer grants to update a course with inclusive pedagogy. We will need a committee of 3 board members to review grant proposals.  Proposals are due Dec 1, 2010; reviews completed by January 18, 2011.

Volunteers for grant review committee: Traci Lee, Shauna Sallmen, Julie Hellweg.

Thank you to all volunteers.

D. Anway indicated that UW-Superior may have new faculty to send to the conference. UW-Stout may also have a few more people to send.  Both campuses will provide names to A. Hardy by Wednesday, 9/22, and a registration form shortly thereafter.


3. AAC&U/PKAL Engaged STEM Learning: From Promising to Pervasive Practices March 24 - 26, 2010, in Miami, FL.

One theme of the conference is “Expanding the STEM Pipeline through Student Success”. J. Mihalick submitted a proposal for presentation on W&S Program for this thread. She will find out in early Oct. if it is accepted and will contact senior board members for additional information about our program and experiences.


4. President's Summit on Excellence in Teaching and Learning April 14 - 15, 2010.

The call for proposals is not out yet; proposals will be submitted online by Nov 12. 

J. Mihalick is on the planning committee again this year. The conference is only two days this year, many people did not stay for the third day’s meetings last year. Also, there are fewer people on the steering committee. The call for proposals is late due to technical delays with the web page. W & S will review the STEM submissions (sent to us Nov 19, completed by Dec 10).  Members of the advisory board who want to volunteer for the review committee would be welcome. Last year almost everything was accepted, but this year there will not be as many time slots.  If you know of anyone who wants to submit a proposal, please encourage them to include assessment data showing effects on student learning.

W&S can plan a Thurs. morning workshop to start the President’s Summit. If you know of anyone who could give a workshop on Thurs morning, please let Jennifer know. One recommendation already received is for Craig Nelson, a retired biology professor at University of Indiana. Also, we would like to follow the Thurs workshop with our Spring Board meeting over lunch before the start of the President’s Summit.

(T. Lee) I would have to present in order to attend again this year.

(J. Mihalick) W & S could pay for one night hotel and travel for board members to attend the workshop and board meeting.

(R. Powers) I didn’t study last year’s program, but wondered if there would be interest in proposals from UW-Extension? (J.Mihalick): Proposals were sorted into threads by discipline, not by type of institution, so I don’t know how many extension people presented last year but it would certainly be of interest.  We are expecting more proposals from student services staff in areas that relate to teaching such as veteran’s affairs and universal design for disabled students.  (A. Haffa) I think that type of proposal is appropriate and would be accepted.



(J. Mihalick) I am writing a proposal for an NSF ADVANCE PAID grant. The letter of intent is due Oct 4; full proposal is due Nov 8. The PAID component is to adapt and adopt successful practices, appropriate for a consortium such as UW System.

I am considering two projects for the proposal:

1. Horizontal Mentoring. The Office of Institutional Research is collecting data on how many men/women faculty there are across the UW System. We may identify senior women who are more isolated on their campuses and might be in greater need of peer mentoring.

2. Seminar program for postdoctoral students to give presentations across the system. Professors could talk with post-docs about working at primarily undergraduate institutions and the postdocs would talk to undergrads about preparation for academic careers. I will need advice from Madison and Milwaukee on how to identify the post-docs and how many to recruit each year.

(T. Lee)-More campuses than Madison and Milwaukee can help with that. I can name people for that type of program as well.

(C. Yahnke)-It would be beneficial to open it to PhD students as well.

(J. Mihalick)-Would your campuses hire someone just defending PhD?

(L. McCullough)-It is field specific, and there are post-docs at the comprehensives, too. They could be helpful in mentoring other students.

(R. Hardtke)-It would help our students at UWRF.

(D. Anway)-Anyone coming here would be helpful to our students, too. There are post-docs in math, but we would have trouble attracting the high-powered ones for faculty positions here.

(T. Salmon-Stephens)-A lot of our engineers do not do post-docs.

(A. Haffa)-So the consensus is we should be hearing from both post-docs and those preparing to defend their PhD.

(C. Hirschmugl)-I think this is a great idea. Please contact me and I will help out whatever way I can.

(J. Mihalick)- The Sep 28 Audio-conference “More Options for Women in Science” will include some descriptions of ADVANCE funded programs at PUI’s.  I have also applied to attend the annual ADVANCE conference in VA Nov 7-9, but it takes place at the same tie the proposal is due so I won’t be able to include any new ideas learned there.


VIII. Distance Education Program February 2011

            The February schedule seemed to work well last year. If anyone thinks of a good topic please submit it. Last year the program was a panel discussion on NSF grant proposals.


IX. Campus Reports:

Platteville (T. Salmon-Stephens): We have been fortunate with grants this year.

1). We received a S-STEM grant - we call the program STEM Scholars.  $600,000 for 5 -year - mostly scholarships for talented and financially needed students.  We are trying to target underrepresented students.

 2). We received the UWS Growth Agenda grant - we call the program Pre-College and Undergraduate Research Program.  $100,000 for 1 year.  We pay the students to come to the labs and do research ($200+room and board for high school and $350 for community college). We are also hosting 3 age-specific outreach/recruitment events for women under this grant. The grant engages faculty participation in the outreach/recruitment events.

3). We are partnering with the College of Menominee Nation on another NSF grant (PEEC).  They wrote the grant, but we are part of it.  Goal is to set up a general engineering-type program at CMN and then have students come to either UW-Platteville or UW-Madison.  I believe the grant is about $4 million over 5 years.

Also: Platteville is hiring a new dean. If there is someone Tammy should call or you want to nominate, please let her know (she is on the search committee).

Stevens Point (J. Hellweg): We have a STEM career day for 9th-12th grade boys and girls (Nov 5) and Feb 25th is annual Women & Science Day. We are open to proposals from presenters. We are especially seeking women to present. We have a lot of requests for engineering activities, which we can’t easily provide from our own faculty. 7th to 8th grade girls are the target range.

Stout (L. McCullough):  Our new 44 million dollar science building has opened. Science & Math are in the building. Our applied science program is growing with over 200 enrolled. We have a large NSF grant for applied science leaders. Many racial minority students are coming in. 7th grader visit - about 60 girls from Hudson school to meet with female faculty for projects and demonstrations.

Parkside: (T. Lee): 300 students each academic year for DNA day in Biology where we host students from honors and AP biology classes to do molecular biology projects. It’s both outreach and a recruiting tool. The department has been doing this for about 7-8 years and at least since I have been at Parkside (5 years), we have been getting a large minority turnout. (S. Linke): We do Women & Science and Technology days. 7th graders from local Jr. High are invited. We host career oriented labs and talks.

River Falls (R. Hardtke): We have a new chancellor and provost. We have been looking at Climate Survey data and are working on the Status of Women Report. Next fall we are adding a Living and Learning community for women in science. We will be hosting the WWHEL conference Nov 4&5. In summer Upward Bound students come from the twin cities. Science faculty will be attending a PKAL workshop in Oct at St. Olaf. There are campus master plans for science facility discussions. Also many students presented work at NCUR. It’s been an active year here.

Madison (G. Coover): We are having our annual meeting for WiscAMP Nov 12th. Our program director from NSF will be joining us for the meeting.

Extension (R. Powers): In addition to Platteville’s Menomonie Nation partnership, we are having a Great Lakes tribal water resource summit Oct 28-29. We are looking at research and education outreach needs here and in Minnesota and Michigan. There might be some interesting information to come out of this that we can share with the group.

Oshkosh: (J. Mihalick reporting for Dean Koker): Over the summer Dean Koker started a new Success in Gateway courses initiative.  The  Equity score card shows we are not retaining minority students in gateway classes so professors have been meeting to discuss changes that can be made. I am reviewing chemistry’s semester by semester data to see what works. Hopefully we will have something to report at the end of this year.


Meeting Adjourned 9:59 by Arlene Haffa.


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