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Fall 2008 Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

UW System Women & Science Program                                 Advisory Board Meeting                                              September 5, 2008 

Attendees: Susie Sandrin, Amy Hardy, Tammy Salmon-Stephens, Kevin Lee, John Koker, Helen Klebesadel, Doug Johnson, Julie Hellweg, Kay Taube, Angela Bauer-Dantoin, Cynthia Berlin, Hanna Ladwig- student
Satellite: Barbara Beaver, Barb Nielsen, Joline Morrison, Marc Goulet , Carla Burkhardt, Carlee- grad student, Laura McCullough, Diane Christie, Tiffany Akins- grad student, Juliana Constantinescu, Esther Ofulue

Koker- Greeted all and thanked Susie for her service to the program.
Introductions of each person began
Salmon-Stephens- Provided a thank you to Susie, and noted that it is bittersweet that she is leaving.  If we had time we would all give you a group hug.  The Board thanked her for all of her valuable work
Lee- Indicated that many on the Board will be jealous of where she is going.  We’ll think of her as we are shoveling snow.
Sandrin- Indicated that she will be here for the next three weeks then living in Phoenix.

Approval of last meetings minutes:
Ofulue- found one correction, which has been made.
Minutes moved by Klebesadel. Second by Johnson.  Minutes passed unanimously.

Salmon-Stephens:  Old business:
Program announcements.
WISCamp, no new information.
Johnson- Has the grant renewal happened?
Salmon-Stephens: WISCamp is gearing up for a fall poster session.  Please have Tammy send information to Amy when available.
Sandrin: The grant is due in a Month which is why Manuela can’t be here.  We’ll get the information out.

Sandrin- We were renewed for free again.  Our partners in Hawaii have offered to pay for the year for UW system and other WI campuses.  All the campus representatives please sign up your campus.  It is free so we want as many campuses as possible taking advantage of this.  It’s 30,000 a year for the system and it will not be cost effective if we only have a few campuses using.  It’s hard to justify paying for it.
Salmon-Stephens- Mentornet provides many resources to promote the program.  Any one can join, not just Women & Minorities.  They have a resume database that companies use.  Last spring we tested it and all students found mentors.  It is not just for students either; it is also for 1-3 year new faculty (can be protégés).  Encourage the students and faculty at your campus.
Sandrin- Madison has been on Mentornet for 10 years and will continue because their deans pay for it.
Salmon-Stephens- Platteville is 2K per year.
McCullough- How do we change out the campus representative for Mentornet?
Salmon-Stephens- You can call Mentornet; they want to hear from you.  Go to for more information.
Burkhardt- When you go to the website to confirm users/students there is a place to change representatives.
Klebesadel-  Given the research and statistics this should be a major effort for us to get people to sign on and use it.  When we talk about bringing more resources to campuses we should include this in the bundle.
Sandrin- The technical colleges are having a hard time signing up students.  Each campus has to sign up individually.  She indicated that she agrees with Helen that maybe folks are not signing up because they think it might not be here next year.  Or it might be hard to put in the time to promote it.
Klebesadel- Can this be a distance education event or topic for the conference?
Salmon-Stephens- Go to your campus and Mentornet representatives to encourage more promotion. 
Sandrin- Will send email to Women & Science list to encourage more promotion.
Let’s give this info out at Opening Workshop

Salmon-Stephens- New Business

Opening Workshop and Summer Grants
Lee-  The information for the 2008 Opening workshop (upcoming this September) was sent out.  Board members can encourage new staff to participate.  He indicated that he participated in his second year and it was very instrumental.  He got the grant to go to “just in time teaching”.  He learned much.  He suggested for everyone to go out and tell new faculty.
group asked- Where is workshop?
Sandrin- Heidel House resort in Green Lake.  We are still looking for one more presenter and we will accommodate any time in the schedule.  Manuela cannot be there.  If you know of anyone please let me know.  Send contact information of possible presenter to Women & Science.
Bauer-Dantion- Who pays travel?
Sandrin- Ask your provost’s office.  We pay lodging and food.
Salmon-Stephens- The board members are encouraged to all seek out new faculty and talk to their chairs because new faculty might think they can’t miss their classes.  The chairs can cover them and encourage them to go.  Kevin has sent this information to the chairs and it has worked.  Also the grant committee to review proposals is Kevin, Traci, Juliana.  Last year there were only two grant proposals so they were both awarded.  The proposals are due at end of Fall semester.
Hellweg- Do you promote this at the workshop?
Lee- Yes, proposal winners are encouraged to do a talk at the Fall Workshop as promotion; he indicated that he did a talk there last year.
Sandrin- It is in the schedule for this year.  One year we had one proposal and another we had 11 proposals, so it varies a lot.
Bauer-Dantion- So the time line is: they apply at end of fall, get news of award in Spring, and get money when?
Sandrin- Now we give out the full amount at the end of the summer, but likes the way it was done before.  The form requires 6 signatures from two campuses and can be complicated.  We are flexible on how we pay; sometimes we can buy the supplies (up to the maximum of $1,000).  The participants of the Fall Workshop will get information explaining how to apply  and they will receive the forms.  It is always possible to obtain the form from Amy.
Koker- Indicated that he was thinking about ways to recruit people to attend the Fall Workshop.
Sandrin-  Priority is to faculty or teaching staff within their first three years but if space is available more “seasoned” teachers can come.

Spring Advisory Board Meeting and Spring Conference 2009
Lee-  The Spring Advisory Board Meeting will be May 14-15, 2009 at the Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells. Do we want to call it retreat or conference?
Replies indicate: CONFERENCE.
Lee- We switched from Wilderness due to problems with last year’s conference.  It is a smaller setting that still has a water park.  It should be much easier for paying for meals, rooming and billing.  The spring conference is open to all faculty and teaching staff.  The Women & Science Program pays (for food and rooms).  It’s a family event and a nice professional development activity that faculty members can participate in with time for presentations and ideas you have used in your class.  It’s a lot of fun and interesting.
Salmon-Stephens- Last year there were record numbers.  Comments?
Klebesadel- How can the board help plan this?
Sandrin- A key note speakers has not been set up.  She indicated that she can do that before she leaves if the board wants.
Salmon-Stephens- Yes do that, it would be great if there is someone recommended?  Possibly Ruta Sevo?  Others should send their recommendations to Susie.
Taube- Susie might want to look at three state systems to compare progress made over time for women & persons of color in Science.  It would give us a chance to look at what progress we have made.  Ruda might be good at doing that, or Susie can comeback and present on that?

Distance Education 08-09
Taube- Indicated that her idea would be to do something around Mentornet for a fall topic.  Maybe have campus representatives talk about how it’s working well.  Bring in a Mentornet staff person, so we can hear about how it is playing out nationally and local.  She is very open to any additional ideas anyone might have.  Some are noted on the agenda.
Klebesadel-  Maybe we should have a STEM DIN topic, she is trying to figure out how they are doing it.  Maybe bring someone into guide us through it.
McCullough- Stout had a DIN proposal and achieved 10 new faculty.
Klebesadel- If we do at system we could use the Stout model
Salmon-Stephens- If you know someone who knows about these budgets send them to Helen?  Maybe have them come to a board meeting?  Helen will take this on to organize and help identify people who can guide us.  Tell me if you know of any one.
Bauer-Dantion- What is a DIN?
Koker- Decision Item Narrative.  Campuses or a group of campuses ask for special funding for particular initiative.  Last year a nursing one was funded as well as a stem project.  When the budgeting process happens the state will put in for this.
Klebesadel- It’s a complicated process and the legislature chooses what will be funded.  Maybe we should first do a report about why this should be funded?  Maybe we need to get someone familiar with the process for the next Board Meeting?
Sandrin- We have a ton of data about people graduating with STEM degrees and will share.  We have the raw data because we were sent a report three years ago.
Klebesadel- We can use three years ago as a baseline.  What help do you need to write a report?
Sandrin- Approximately 10 hours of student time, maybe less.  Do we have the money to pay for that?
Koker- Indicated that he thinks we can fund that.  It is important enough to support that expense.
Sandrin- Indicated that she has a student who would be happy to do it.
Salmon-Stephens- Thanks to UWO for hosting the W&S program
Koker- Indicated that he would love advice on how to keep the program moving forward.

Chancellor Wells-
We are pleased that you want us to host the program.  It is a point of pride within the system to host it.  I want to take a few minutes to tell you about Oshkosh and what we are doing here.  If anyone out there wants some of the handouts I will send them to you.  In the annual report, page three, it describes our strategic planning process.  We adopted our governing ideas.  Sometimes we can get lost from what we are all about, but we are proud that we are focused on sustainability and the growth agenda also see the press release.  We put together some additional funds centered on searching for 27 additional faculty positions.  A good part of those funds are focused on Science searches.  Our science program is strong and we can bring on faculty to help with enrollment increases. 
Sustainability: we are proud of our “green facilities master plan” EPA reward.  This award is for building and renovating water and electricity consumption.  But we thought, “why not build this into the curriculum?”.  Thus a Sustainability team was developed and came up with 12 good action initiatives.  In the Sustainability curriculum there are courses and an emphasis on the sustainability need.  I also brought a brochure of student learning outcomes.  We are considering a Liberal education Team.  We are working on developing better rubrics in the humanities.  What we would like to see is our students doing better and have our teachers do better.  One to do this is to recruit diverse scientists. ASCU meeting this program received a reward and lauded as a national model.  It’s great to have you all here.  Let us know what we can do to support you.

Lee- Another idea is family support issues for graduate and non-traditional students.  This is a big focus for returning students.  Any comments or ideas?  Can distance Education find speakers for this?
Taube- Distance Education can do Mentornet in fall then this in spring?  Committee will pursue this as an option.
Salmon-Stephens- Please send any info you have on this to Kay.
Sandrin- Anyone who wants to help with this, please do.
Akins- The teaching assistant association tries to get maternity leave for teaching students.  She has not had a chance to meet up with those people yet, but can give that information to Kay when she can.
Klebesadel- Suspects that on-line learning and distance education issues might be part of the aid for family support issues.
Lee- There is a push to develop hybrid courses for returning student through distance education.  It’s a lot more than putting things up on D2L.
Salmon-Stephens- Platteville has connections with community colleges for working students.
Klebesadel-  Is interested in putting this on agenda for Women’s Studies conference.
Koker- This fall the LEAP initiative sponsored a workshop on how science fits into a broad or general education.  It could be a topic for Spring Conference?
Salmon-Stephens & Lee-  That is a great idea.  It can help make science more relevant to student’s lives.  They can realize everyone uses science and have faculty think outside discipline.
Koker- We can send a team of folks from this board to the upcoming conference.

Salmon-Stephens- reconvene at 1pm

We introduced new folks who joined us.  Arlene Haffa joined us, from Chemistry at UW-Oshkosh.
New Business:
Hiring of a new W&S Program Director
Salmon-Stephens & Lee- started the conversation.

Koker-  Does the Board have advice and/or counsel about how to fill this position?  He has had some discussions with Susie about her ideas.  He fully intends to fill this position.  This program is important to him professionally and also personally, as he has two daughters majoring in science and engineering fields.  Professionally, it helps faculty across the system.  This position is a dual position, Women & Science has been combined with Science Outreach since its inception.  Reasons were discussed about why it’s good and why it’s not as helpful to have these positions linked.  One long-term idea is to have a half-time Women & Science position linked with a faculty position.  There is also an Aquatic Research lab position.  John K. would like to have an interim person in the position by the end of September, so there is not a vacancy.  He would like ideas from the group about how to fill the position and structure the position.  Can we do a local campus search?  Does the person need to be on campus at UWO?  Should we do a larger search?
Johnson- For the interim person, do you want the same person for Science Outreach and Women & Science? 
Koker- No.  He already offered the Science Outreach position to another person, so they will probably not be the same person.  Both interim positions might only go until mid-January if we can get someone permanent in place by the middle of January (the spring semester).
Johnson- Because it’s a half-time position, it will always be combined with something.
Koker- There are definite benefits for having the other half be a person who is in the classroom.  Women & Science is really a professional development organization so it would be helpful for them to be practicing the craft of teaching.  Science Outreach can be filled with a faculty member as well.
Klebesadel- Indicated that she thought we could draw some very interesting people to campus if it was paired with a faculty position.  There would be a lot of SoTL folks who could make this position part of their professional development.  Science Outreach could benefit by having a person to work with. 
Koker- Each job description could include expected collaboration between the two positions.  Also, he would like to put a 2-year appointment to the position IF we do an internal appointment initially.  Currently, this is an academic staff position that has to be renewed annually.
Klebesadel- UWO houses the program and benefits the UW System greatly.  However, it is a system-wide program, and it does not have a lot of visibility system-wide.  This might also be more possible without the dual position, because Science Outreach is just a campus office.  If the offices were separate, it might be easier to work on visibility.  System has a lot of STEM initiatives
Amy H. will be doing a lot of work in the coming months.  Many thanks to Amy for all your hard work!!  Amy, do you have ideas? 
Hardy- They both have busy times at the same time, and it makes it hard to balance.  Also, with the teaching aspect, it would be beneficial.
Salmon-Stephens- We need to make sure that the work that is done for Women & Science is recognized as scholarship even if it not traditional science research (since it will be more pedagogy-focused). 
Koker- UWO recognizes any peer-reviewed research, which would include SoTL.  It is valued here. 
Klebesadel- To help insure that gender or ethnic issues are considered in tenure decisions, it would be good to involve faculty from women’s studies. 
Koker- At UWO, the Women’s Studies cannot vote, but they do get to write an evaluation of the person. 
Ofulue- Is the amount of time is negotiable?  Is it possible that we can have 60% and 40% faculty? 
Koker- Indicated that he only thought of it as 50% since that is what it currently is.  It could be 50/50 during the academic year and then provide a month in the summer, when they are free from faculty issues so they can work on grant-writing.  These types of positions cannot be done often in just 9 months.
Johnson- How is it currently structured? 
Koker- Technically, it’s half-time for 9 months.  Susie S. currently works less than half-time but for 12 months instead of 9 months. 
Johnson- What are the salary implications for hiring this as a faculty position?
Koker- If we hire a current faculty member, we would only have to pay the buy-out costs for the faculty members.  If we open up the search, the budget would probably still be OK. 
Salmon-Stephens- UWO is paying for the position, so on one hand we should let them decide, but since we serve system, maybe we need to contact them. 
Koker- Indicated that he does want to get the position filled by January by doing a campus search, but then put a limit on the term limit (1.5 to 2 years).  For the longer-term, we can look into having a larger search and consult system.  Plus, our staff support and office is here at UWO.
Johnson- A 2.5 year appointment may be best, since 1.5 years is not a lot of time to get oriented to the position. 
Koker- Mentioned that with campus support, we would probably want to keep the person here.  But, this is not necessarily required, since UWO does host another program that is based in Madison.  He can think of a number of faculty members who would be great for the program, BUT he wants to put together a committee from the system that will help review the applicants.  A campus search does not mean that input from the board would be excluded, but it means that it would only look for people that were already at UWO.  He would like to appoint an interim person for this semester without a committee, BUT the campus search person for the 1.5 - 2.5 year appointment would be chosen by a committee.
McCullough- . Indicated that she agrees with the timeline.  She suggests that the job should be split 49/51 appointments might be better because they have difficulty with tenure decisions, etc. 
Koker- The person would technically be 100% in L&S, but they would receive 50% release time to serve as Women & Science director.  The department would decide about tenure, but John would supervise them for the position. 
Salmon-Stephens- Asked for input. 
Burkhardt- Mentioned that she can see benefits of adding it to a faculty position, and that might be a help to the search.  She can see the time benefit of not having time conflicts. 
Nielsen- Indicated that she thinks the positions should be uncoupled. 
Beaver- Agrees that we should quickly fill the position with an interim person and that it should be combined with a faculty position. 
Berlin- Mentioned that she is interested in combining it, but she would worry that as an untenured faculty member, 50% of the work is “service” and so it may make challenges for someone to gain tenure. 
Koker- Indicated that for someone to benefit more from professional development, they might need more experience anyway (8-10 years of teaching, and already tenured). 
Salmon-Stephens- Who would like to help with a search committee? 
Bauer-Dantoin volunteered. 
They can be from all over the state, as the committee can meet over the phone and meet electronically. 
McCullough- Stated an interest. 
Anyone else? 
Klebesadel- is the third member.
Koker- Please send any more comments, advice, thoughts that you can share. 
Salmon-Stephens- Indicated that the board is delighted that John K. is so supportive of the position and willing to fill it. 

Campus reports:
McCullough- UW-Stout has a lot going on.  They have broken ground on their new science building ($43 million) to be completed August 2010.  They realigned their colleges this summer and they have a new Associate Dean and they have a number of new women faculty in STEM.

Lee- UW Colleges has a new grant to bring a new GEMS program to their campus.

Salmon-Stephens- UW Platteville has a new Engineering building and they have a new Nanotechnology laboratory.  One of their faculty members is a faculty fellow and has been honored for his scholarship contributions in their field.  Student numbers are expanding thanks to the growth agenda. 
Ofulue- They have a new college for kids program.
Kebesadel- sat on the 1% for arts building initiatives for UW-Platteville’s new building initiatives. 
McCullogh- asked for help at UW-Stout.

Berlin- She and the LaCrosse campus just received a new ADVANCE grant and they are looking for a researcher to assess the status of women faculty on their campus. 

Constantinescu- Whitewater is growing.  There is a new science buildings and larger numbers of faculty and students.  Physics went from 9 to 63 majors.  They have a 3+2 program with Madison for engineering. 

Bauer-Dantion- Green Bay has a new faculty development center and it will be headed up by Heidi Fencl.  They have three new faculty members in the sciences. 

Taube- Extension has a new Provost.  They also received a DIN to increase the number of baccalaureate completers among non-traditional students/working adults, who would like to complete a degree.  They are looking for systematic procedures so they can assess what knowledge these students bring from outside the classroom so they can receive academic credit for this prior knowledge.  Kay T. is looking at how to create an on-line site to help students record their prior learning.  It would be great to have help with the STEM areas to award credit for adults.

Hellweg- Stevens Point is undergoing a lot of change.  Their new dean from L&S is encouraging their faculty to be more active with outreach.  Their Women & Science day for high school students is November 7th.  The day for middle school is in February.

Sandrin & Haffa- UW Oshkosh had their first summer of Precollege workshop in science.  Bea Holton had an S-STEM grant funded which will provide scholarships for students. 

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