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Fall 2005 Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

UW System Women & Science Program                             Advisory Board Meeting                                                      October 7, 2005



Eileen Zito, Anne Murphy, Susie Sandrin, Marc Goulet, Bob Bell, Laura Cole, Barbara Beaver, Kris Stepenuck, Kevin Lee, Elizabeth Zanichkowsky, Naomi Chesler, Elizabeth Roessler, Doug Johnson, Manuela Romero, Dorothy Anway, Kay Taube, Deb Gilbert, Esther Ofulue, Michael Zimmerman


Marc Goulet will share summarizing duties with Susie.

Minutes from last meeting reviewed. Doug Johnson, Kay Taube, Kris Stepenuck and Dorothy Anway should be added to attendance list. Add last names to the minutes.

Dorothy motioned to accept and Kay 2nd. Approved.

2nd. would be to change 5a to say support community for “women and other underrepresented students, and faculty.” Esther suggests remove “and faculty.” ‘Doug said that we do want to have support for faculty who are women and other underrepresented groups.

Elizabeth said that we discuss this under goal 3. We can put “or” to replace the “and in goal 5 a. Goal 5, is it for educators or students? Michael really wants to retain the “and beyond” because it adds to the greater good nationally, and it helps us win national awards, and ifCRI has no teams from Wisconsin but we have instructors from Wisconsin, we are still benefiting (because instructors are learning too).

Elizabeth moves to accept the mission and goals with the 3 changes, and Esther 2nd.

Program updates:

[Opening Workshop] Nov. 3-4, 2005. There was a discussion about who should be attending the opening workshop. There was a sense that the invitation should be extended to new “and beyond” faculty.

[Distance Education] Having a multi-cultural panel discussion for the Fall session.

Spring idea – what happened to the position related to Work-Life issues within the UW System and connecting this to women in STEM related disciplines. Suggestions for speakers are welcome. It might be to take up this issue as one that extends beyond Wisconsin borders. The wiseli website is a good resource.

[Spring Meeting and Retreat, CRI] – dates established (see agenda). Ideas for speakers for CRI are welcome.

[Campus Programs] (Susie) – Initiatives and programs addressing the mission of the Women and Science Program from various campuses should be sent to Susie and Anne. For example, do you have a program for girls in science? An engineering program for underprivileged students?

New Business

[Location for Future Advisory Board Meetings] (Michael) – Susie was asked by the board to consider a variety of campus locations for future meetings.

[Scheduling matters] – Any known dates of programs/activities that might possibly conflict with our programs should be sent to Susie.

[Spring Retreat] – It was proposed to rename this as The Spring Conference.

[NSF Grant, OWWSTE] (Susie and Marc) – Announced that a grant has been awarded

(Susie PI, Heidi Fencl and Marc Goulet – co-PI’s). Any ideas for people who might make good “actors” for a promotional film encouraging high school girls to consider science majors are welcome. More specifically, we are looking for inspirational scientists and people who study scientists who we can interview. Send ideas to Susie, Heidi or Marc.

[Student and Industry Reps] (Eileen) – We still need more representatives.

[Back to the name change] – We had a straw ballot that suggested not putting STEM in the title. Two ideas: Women and Science followed by a tag line like “enhancing diversity in science” versus the title “enhancing diversity in science.” It was discussed that the word “minorities” is not a great word on a worldwide view. Eileen Zito asked a group of students in a marketing class to propose a name. Some suggestions were Diversity in Science, Women and Racial Minorities in Science, Engineering & Technology (WARM SET), Advancing Women and Minorities in Science, and more.

Advisory Board members divided into small groups. The following names were suggested by small groups.

A list: Women and Science Program… Promoting Inclusive Science Education

A list: UWS Inclusivity in Science Program… Promoting access for women and

underrepresented groups

B list: Women and Science Program… Not for Women Only

?? list: UWS Diversity in Science Program

? list: Women, Minorities and Science Program

Timeline: Send suggestions of names to Susie and Anne. Go to a marketing class…

Motion by Dorothy to contact outside classes for help. Elizabeth 2nds. Vote 10 for, 2


Please get names in by November. Vote on top 5 in December to take to focus groups. Focus groups = provosts, chancellors, deans, faculty and others. Survey will be standardized by Susie and Barbara B and sent out to Ad. Board at end of fall semester and beginning of spring semester.

Meeting adjourned (late) at 3:00 PM.

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