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Advisory Board

Board Members and Meeting Minutes

Advisory Board Minutes

Advisory Board Members 2014-2015

Governance Role of Advisory Board

The UWS Women and Science Advisory Board meets twice each year in order to set priorities and directions for the program. Each institution in the UW System is represented by two board members. Students, industry representatives, and a representative from the UWS Women's Studies Consortium are also included on the board.

In addition to its governance function, the advisory board facilitates communication between the Program and System campuses. This includes bringing local needs to the attention of the program and increasing awareness of Program events within the board member's institution.

    In order to meet these goals, advisory board members are asked to assume the following responsibilities:
  • Attend two advisory board meetings each year. The first meeting occurs during fall semester, typically via videoconference, and the second meeting takes place in the spring in conjunction with the Women and Science Program Retreat/Spring Conference.
  • Maintain membership on the Advisory Board listserv, and forward information of interest to colleagues.
  • Communicate program goals and activities to colleagues and administrators in the member's home institution. In some cases, board members might be asked to give program reports at meetings of UWS administrators when they are held on the member's campus.
  • Provide information about campus events related to women and science and/or to good teaching.
  • Take part in other activities or task forces as determined at board meetings. For example, it was determined at the 1998 Spring Meeting that the program office would develop materials useful in establishing mentoring connections, and that it would be up to individual campuses to make local use of those materials.
  • Participate in program evaluation. It is the responsibility of the advisory board co-chairs to develop or update evaluation materials. However, each member is asked to have a voice in the evaluation itself.
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