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Reading List for M/S Gateway Task Force

Articles and books on topics related to student success in STEM courses

Student views

books at Polk Library

Talking About Leaving (Seymour & Hewitt)
They're Not Dumb, They're Different (Tobias)

news articles

Why College Students Leave the Engineering Track (NYTimes)

Why Science Majors Change Their Minds (NYTimes)


Students Who Study Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in Postsecondary Education (National Center for Educational Statistics)

Stereotype Threat

Walton, GM , Cohen, GL. A Brief Social-Belonging Intervention Improves Academic and Health Outcomes of Minority Students. Science 2011, 331(6023):1447-1451.

N. Dasgupta, Ingroup Experts and Peers as Social Vaccines Inoculate the Self-Concept: The Stereotype Inoculation Model Psychological Inquiry 2011, 22:4, 231-246.

Ideas for Closing the Achievement Gap

Closing the Achievement Gap Without Widening a Racial One (NY Times)

Meet Societal Challenges by Changing the Culture on Campus (Chronicle)

Minority Students and Research Universities: How to Overcome the "Mismatch" (Chronicle)

Bolstering African-American Success in the STEM Fields (Chronicle)

Inclusive Teaching Methods

Eric Mazur's website (peer instruction, conceptests, demonstrations)

Carleton Conceptest collection

Inclusive Teaching Strategies from University of Washington

POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) and SWH (Science Writing Heuristic)

books at Polk Library

Active Learning (Bonwell & Eison)
Biology Brought to Life (Handelsman)
Classroom Assessment Techniques (Angelo & Cross)
Collaborative Learning Techniques (Barkley, Cross, Major)
Student Active Science (McNeal & D'Avanzo)
Teaching with Classroom Response Systems (Bruff)
Whistling Vivaldi (Steele)


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